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DIYXPitching our latest DIY tutorial is American geocacher Terri Caldwell (GC handle: CrazeVixen) … This cunning baseball hide is among the products the Virginian resident sells through her Etsy store, The Recycled Green Rose.


  • A ball of your choice
  • Micro Logbook
  • Micro Container
  • Glue


  • Drill and bit
  • Razorblade or craft knife
  • Sandpaper
  • Vice-grip (optional)



Gather everything you need for this project. Baseballs, softballs, golf balls etc will all work; pick whichever one fits your hiding needs.

8BBATIP: Some baseballs are hollow so can be harder to drill – if you are a klutz, stay away from these.

Using sandpaper, scuff the outside of your log container so that no smooth surface is left – glue holds better to rough material.



DIY Baseball Tutorial - TRGR (10)Expect to make a mess as you drill into your chosen ball.

If you are brave enough to hold the baseball in your hand or on a table while doing so, then you will need to place some newspaper underneath for an easy clean-up. Alternatively, hold the ball over a trash can to catch the shavings.

I prefer using a vice-grip on a workbench; it holds the ball steady while keeping your hands free and safe.

Select a drill bit that suits the size of your log container. Drill a hole carefully.


DIY Baseball Tutorial - TRGR (9)


5BBOnce you’ve drilled your hole – and checked that your container will slot into it – take the razor blade and carefully trim away any excess rubber.

This way, when you glue the inner cache in place, it will fit properly and be flush to the ball. Squeeze some glue inside the hole and push your container in, rotating as you go to dispense the adhesive evenly. Press firmly.

Leave to dry for the time given by the glue’s manufacturer. Wipe away any extra adhesive from the outside of your inner cache and baseball.

13BBNB: Don’t close the container lid off during this stage to ensure no extra glue seeps out and dries it shut.



Remember to print a free micro logsheet from one of the many websites that offer them*.

Once your ball is dry, roll the log up to fit inside, then snap the lid on and go HIDE IT!

DID YOU KNOW that golf balls have different colours inside? Pink, black, blue etc …

*For what it’s worth, It’s Not About The Numbers is partial to the free logsheet downloads on offer at both Ground Zero and TechBlazer.
**Don’t want to get your hands dirty? Visit Terri Caldwell’s Etsy store, The Recycled Green Rose, to buy a pre-made baseball cache for US$16.99 (NZ$21.61). You can also keep in touch via her Facebook page.






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