Caching Out Author Reveals Latest Geo-Mystery

Nine-Feet-Under-800-Cover-Reveal-and-PromotionalDeath obviously becomes Morgan C Talbot.

Less than eight months after publication of her first Caching Out series, the American author (GC handle: Frumious Jane) has just revealed the cover art for her third mystery novel.

Morgan C Talbot

Morgan C Talbot

In Nine Feet Under, heroines Margarita and Bindi are preparing to celebrate the Fourth of July. Their plans involve “borrowed bicycles, a geocaching power trail, live podcasts and plenty of fun”. “But their day quickly goes awry when they stumble upon what appears to be a murder in progress.”

The cover, which features the Grim Reaper peering out through a jigsaw puzzle, bears the tagline: “Greed and betrayal make a deadly combination.”

In a sneak preview for It’s Not About The Numbers’ readers, Talbot reveals that in her new novel, Margarita and Bindi take a day off together and do what any pair of female geocachers would do: tackle a puzzle-laden power trail during a heat wave. 

“They’re a bit more on their own than they’re used to, and sometimes they have to fend for themselves and take matters into their own hands because there’s no one else nearby or they don’t know who to trust.

FTF1Death Will Attend1Nine Feet Under also delves into Bindi’s background and character more than ever before, Talbot adds. “She’s not just a pretty face; she’s half of the Marg and Bindi sleuthing team, and she proves that she’s earned her stripes – the hard way.

“In order to navigate a treacherous mix of kidnapping and death, Margarita and Bindi must tackle another deadly puzzle and find out who killed whom. All they need to unlock the truth is the right combination.”

Nine Feet Under will be released by Red Adept Publishing this Northern Hemisphere summer in both print and e-book versions.

*You can buy your own copy of Morgan C Talbot’s previous Caching Out titles, First To Find and Death Will Attend, at Amazon for US$11.99, Kindle for US$4.99, Kobo for US$6.04 and Barnes & Noble for $4.99 (Nook version).

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    E plans to start at the beginning of the Caching Out series soon! She can’t wait!!

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