Geocachers Wanted By Police In Two Countries

WantedFor three hours, German geocachers Bruno-XSpatzlmatz and Suzidriver became enemy No 1.

Labelled as possible international terrorists, the three Dresden residents found themselves being pursued by police and military officials in their homeland and the Netherlands last Thursday after a visit to the tiny Dutch hamlet of Schietecoven.

On duty: Law enforcers patrol the tiny hamlet during the geo-bomb scare. Photos: JEROEN RAMAKERS/L1NWS

On duty: Law enforcers patrol the tiny hamlet during the geo-bomb scare. Photos: JEROEN RAMAKERS/L1NWS

Thanks to a tipoff by an eagle-eyed local, law enforcers were quickly able to identify a suspicious vehicle and its German licence plate.

Their suspects’ crime? Allegedly attempting to plant a bomb near Maastricht-Aachen Airport, south-west of Ulestraten in the Limburg province. In reality, the geo-trio were simply trying to boost their find rates by nabbing 14 caches in the area as part of a week-long road trip across Europe.

Their problems began around 4pm upon reaching GC46B1P Breefke oet Schietecoven, a traditional placed on February 20th by naish1967. Upon returning the small cache back behind a Post NL mailbox, the group were spotted by a neighbour concerned over the recent number of suspicious cars stopping on the street outside. He or she immediately contacted police.

Red flag: The Post NL mailbox at the centre of the drama.

Less than an hour later, 15 residents living within 100 metres of GZ had been evacuated from their homes and all four access roads to Schietecoven were closed while an Explosive Ordnance Disposal unit investigated. It was 7pm before the situation was resolved, according to L1NWS.

In explanation, the German threesome wrote on GC.com: “Our visit to this geocache caused a several-hour police operation with large-scale road blocks. Federal police in Germany and the Netherlands were searching for our vehicle.

“After several calls with Dutch and German authorities, we were able to explain that the cache we had deposited behind the mailbox was not a b**b. We explained that it was a game of geocaching and GPS, and that in the tube was only a logbook.

Halt, who goes there? Vehicles in the area were searched for bomb equipment.

Halt, who goes there? Vehicles in the area were searched for bomb equipment.

“Police removed the cache and asked us for help to contact the owner to archive this cache immediately. This place is not suitable for a geocache (anymore).”

According to an EOD spokesman, this was the department’s first geo-bomb scare in Limburg.

GC46B1P Breefke oet Schietecoven and another naish1967 cache, GC46BIZ  Vliegtuigspotter, have since been archived but that hasn’t stopped Bruno-X, Spatzlmatz or Suzidriver – they continued with their road trip the very next day.

*The incident was also caught on video by L1NWS:


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  1. Nighthawk700

    I had one cache where the woman across the street was suspicious and (we found out later) called the police a few times when she saw people around the telephone pole (to find a tag with the final stage coordinates). The police always came after the cachers left though. They figured it was people looking for copper wires to steal. Finally she ran out when one cacher was writing the coordinates, and the cacher was able to explain what was going on and calm the woman down. Eek!

  2. adorfer

    I guess the terrorists have won!
    Our every day lives and our behaviour (what we are allowed and what not) is now defined as a result of their actions.

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