Munzee Meet-Up Captured On Camera

BBQ2Smartphones and sausages both took a grilling in New Zealand’s Munzee capital of Mount Maunganui on Saturday at a barbeque organised for players.

BBQ1The country’s second-ever Munzee meet-up -hosted by hotwheelsnz, New Zealand’s No 1 player on level 67 – attracted 15 similarly Munzee-mad players and their families.

“I would guess this would be at least half of the real active Munzeers in New Zealand due to the game still being in its infancy,” event organiser Jason Sycamore told It’s Not About The Numbers.

“I did the first ever meet-up in June last year with only three attendees so it was pleasing to get so many turn up this time around. People came from Auckland, Huntly, Te Awamutu and even as far as Hastings.”


Alphabet soup: The A to Z Munzee series.

The 3pm gathering was the culmination of an A-Z Munzee competition which started that morning. Entrants had to capture 26 new QR codes placed around the community to win prizes of mystery and vinyl Munzees.

Field of dreams: The virtuals deployed for Saturday’s barbeque.

Field of dreams: The virtuals deployed for Saturday’s barbeque.

Although Kraftimum, nzbitemyhead and Kittykate took out the top three placings, there were plenty of other QR codes to go around, including a field of virtual Munzees – just like the one created for next month’s Munzee Madness II event in Anaheim, California.

“Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves capping all the Munzees. In total, there were six mystery Munzees, two gold Munzees, 31 virtual Munzees plus the 26 Munzee A-Z series.”

Sycamore is now planning next year’s Munzee BBQ but expects that a similar event will be held in the Waikato before then.


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  1. NZSammy

    Damm i got snapped (2nd photo blue t-shirt with sunnies
    It was a fun day.

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