Roll On Lucky Cache Number Two Million …

22mOne million, nine hundred and 99 thousand, seven hundred and 54 … That’s Geocaching.com current hide tally; just 11246 needed to record its two millionth placement.

The question on everyone’s lips, though, is when will this mammoth achievement occur.

Eric Schudiske

Eric Schudiske

PR lackey Eric Schudiske told It’s Not About The Numbers: “While we have no idea where the two millionth geocache will be placed, we do have an idea when it will be placed. It’s important before we talk about when, to talk about quality. We’re asking that only quality hides be submitted to the community reviewers.”

He added that the Seattle-based listing service “has so much planned for the occasion”, and INATN readers would be the first to hear about it.

According to the company’s projections, its milestone hide should be published “some time in the third week of February”. Officially, GC.com will begin celebrating the big 2,000,000 on February 19th, with announcements in that week’s newsletter, as well as through its Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts.

Although the two millionth placement will be recognised, no prize will be awarded to that cache owner, said Schudiske – “rather we’ll be celebrating all geocache hiders”. That will include “new videos that players can share, along with never-before-released information, and surprises for the geocaching community”.

“Your readers can help us now. They can upload pictures of geocache hiders holding their geocache to our Facebook page. We might use those pics in the new video.”

OneMillionGroundspeak vice-president Bryan Roth (GC handle: Bryan) isn’t surprised that the two million mark has arrived so quickly “given the significant growth we’ve seen over the past two years”.

To give you some idea of how fast it’s been, Roth tweeted back in March 2010 that GC.com had a million active hides; on December 3rd, 2010 that figure surpassed 1,250,000; and by August 8th, 2011 it jumped to 1,500,000.

On the subject of GC.com’s three millionth placement, though, both he and Schudiske get a little vague. “I suspect it will be another couple of years before we hit three million,” Roth forecasts. Schudiske, on the other hand, opts to “check to see what our developers project!”


If I were the betting type, I’d wager cold hard cash that Geocaching.com’s two millionth cache will be published on February 13th – or better yet, February 14th (Valentine’s Day). However, Cumbyrocks prefers February 24th and the listing service itself has opted for a vague third week of the month.

Latest estimates suggest 1000 new caches are published daily, so it shouldn’t be too hard to plot a likely date. Tell us your prediction in the comments below and the closest entry will win an It’s Not About The Numbers geocoin. You can be as specific as you like with your guess(es); if you get the location and time right as well, we might even throw in a bonus prize or two.

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  1. Survivor Sean

    I think it will be places on Feb. 11th by Bobbybear1966 in central Florida. That guy has a machine gun that slings bison tubes, film cans and pill bottles at an alarming rate.

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