The New Kids On The Pathtag Block

311117_264637846992093_804823652_nAustralia’s Sandra and Aaron Block were bored; not of geocaching, but with the options for showcasing their new pathtag obsession.


A clear winner: The first demonstration model of the Blocks’ pathtag boards.

So the husband and wife (GC handle: highrod) decided to produce their own “funky” display boards to sell online. The result was a national first; a simple but stylish design that puts the focus firmly on the pathtag collection it holds.

Sandra Block

Sandra Block

Although the Australian Pathtag Displays creators have been caching since 2005, they only recently became interested in pathtags. Yet the Ballarat residents admit that collecting these custom signature items quickly became addictive.

“They started to grow in number and we had no way to display them; they were in a Sistema container. I liked the idea of displaying them in our home; they are a talking point and some of the artwork is worth being shown off.”


Model of perfection: An early test run.

The Blocks googled pathtag displays to find a solution but were disappointed by the wooden versions available from the United States. “Thus Aaron engaged the designer in him,” Sandra says of her plumber husband, “and a new product was born: Australian Pathtag Displays.”

Their “simple, wall or stand-mounted displays” are cut from 10mm-thick acrylic in black, white or clear. A magnet in each circular recess keeps the pathtags in place.

“Each display is made in Ballarat, Australia. That’s right, I have sticky fingers from gluing in the magnets myself,” says the hairdresser and creative memories consultant.

For now, the couple has four sizes on offer through their fledgling webstore. A 100-tag unit costs A$80, the 200-tag option A$140, while the 225 and 420-tag holders are A$150 and A$270 respectively. Each can be used in landscape or portrait format and features a hidden mounting system, “so there are no ugly wires on show”.

Standing ovation: All Australian Pathtag Displays can be mounted on the wall or used with a stand.

Standing ovation: All Australian Pathtag Displays can be mounted on the wall or used with a stand.

“We hope people like them as much as we do, they are pretty funky.”

Later, the Blocks plan to release several new products which Sandra calls very exciting. “They will be things you will wonder how you ever went without. Future items may also come in all sorts of colours.”

Eventually, they hope their part-time business venture – affectionately abbreviated to APD – will be profitable enough to let them mint their own pathtag; the price for which starts at US$110.

However, the couple aren’t complete novices when it comes to tag design, having been involved with production of a Ballarat Cachers pathtag. “And in March, we are hosting the event GC41MWE Cohuna Matata! in March, which Aaron has designed and minted the coinciding pathtag for,” Sandra adds.

65349_266679373454607_713613870_n*To buy your own acrylic Australian Pathtags Display, visit the Blocks’ webstore or Facebook page. They have just completed their first run of display units in glossy white.

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