Caching Out Heroines All Dolled Up


Close-knit relationship: Morgan C Talbot’s fictional characters, Bindi and Margarita.

Morgan C Talbot always had a clear image of the characters in her Caching Out books – but now she has two lifelike dolls propped by her keyboard for visual inspiration.

After reading It’s Not About The Numbers‘ post on Mimi Barrison’s custom knit geocacher dolls, the Washington State author (GC handle: Frumious Jane) commissioned versions of her fictional heroines Margarita and Bindi.


Photo fun: Bindi gives Margarita her own bunny ears.

Upon receiving Barrison’s knitted creations, Talbot told INATN that they were “perfect”. “They sit on the window sill next to my desk, and I can just look over at their saucy smiles whenever I need a bit of inspiration for my characters.

“Mimi went all-out on Bindi: she added brown to her blonde hair, tucked in a few quirky accessories, and even gave her some Bailey Button Ugg boots. And Margarita is her perfect outdoorsy self in green and brown, with the question mark on her shirt to represent her puzzle making skills.

“The Margarita doll is even a little taller than the Bindi doll. And I love their yarn hair. My daughter has a yarn hair doll and I’ve been styling it for years, so I went right to work with my girls and gave them some fine-looking hairdos.

“I cannot gush enough about how thrilled I am with these precious little geocachers. I’m so glad I found Mimi and her geocaching-inspired products. My characters now have action figures!”

In stitches: The duo enjoy a photo session with their literary creator.

In stitches: The duo enjoy a photo session with their literary creator.

Despite being busy with this month’s release of her second Caching Out title, Death Will Attend, Talbot also held an impromptu photo shoot for her dolls. “I took a couple of serious ones, but Bindi wouldn’t let me quit there. She had to photobomb Margarita and give her rabbit ears. Such fun!”

The author is now planning to take her knitted pals “to some real caches” so she can photograph them making their own finds. 
*To order your own custom geocacher dolls for US$25, visit Mimi Barrison’s Etsy store Sock the Puppet’s Knitted Palace.
**Follow Morgan C Talbot’s Double Caching Out blog tour here but don’t forget to check back with It’s Not About The Numbers on March 13th and March 27th.

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