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O.C.B Blueprint

Corrine Pressnell, of the Aussie Pathtag Club, is full of beans today …

A few hours ago, she publicly unveiled the first official Original Can of Beans pathtag, finally revealing the design chosen by Jeff Holliday (GC handle: Team360) to represent his iconic stash item.

“The pathtag has turned out great and we are really happy with it!” Pressnell (GC/Pathtags handle: Coruze) told It’s Not About The Numbers. “The design has been kept plain as Jeff did not want any writing on it at all. It suits the pathtag as well because it is only the Original Can Of Beans we are promoting here.”

She herself has spent months preparing for this day. The Aussie Pathtag Club founder first announced back in October 2012 that her organisation had been awarded sole distribution rights to the O.C.B pathtag. She only revealed a fortnight ago that she had also designed its artwork.

In between, she’s been busy organising the manufacture of this dime-sized metal signature item and trying to keep further details about the project underwraps.

For the club, it’s a major coup, as Holliday is known to be quite protective of the trackable geo-trophy. Since finding the can of beans Dave Ulmer left in his Original Stash container in September 2003, he has approved just one other piece of merchandise – a free trading card he distributes at geocaching events.

Now Pressnell must contend with orders for the much-hyped collectible, starting with pre-sales for her Aussie Pathtag Club members. Public sales of the A$6.50 tag will be advertised in the near future.

While she’s not expecting a stampede, Pressnell is warning O.C.B fans to get in quickly. “We have only purchased a small amount [of stock] at this stage as we don’t know what sort of demand the tag will bring in. And we will not have the tags for sale ALL the time. They will be released sporadically when we see fit.

“At this stage, there are a LOT of people who do not know about the O.C.B tag but as the word gets out we expect to have a larger demand for it,” she said.


Luckily for you, It’s Not About The Numbers readers has two official O.C.B pathtags to give away. To get your name in the draw, visit the Aussie Pathtag Club’s website and tell us the price of its monthly tag service for international subscribers.

Your deadline is noon (NZ time) on February 10th, 2013; with the two winning names announced soon after. Usual INATN terms and conditions apply.

*To buy your own O.C.B pathtag, visit the Aussie Pathtag Club’s website. Tags cost A$6.50 each but sales are restricted to club members only right now. If you can’t wait, consider signing up for your own monthly subscription.


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