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ROW2While Secret Geo Santa takes a well-deserved holiday, a new fabled heroine has hopped onto the scene just in time for Easter.

Earlier this month, Ester Geo Bunnie revealed herself on Facebook, announcing that she would be continuing Geo Santa’s free gift-giving service this March.


“Well, now that Christmas is over and the shops are already displaying Easter items, I thought it was time to say hi to you all,” the Australian-based egg quality controller at the Easter Bunny Factory wrote.

“As some of you know, last year I had a chat with Secret Geo Santa and was given permission to do what he does every Christmas, at Easter.

“For those who have no clue as to what I am talking about, it is very simple: Before, during and after Easter, you go and hide something special for your loved ones, your friends and anyone else you think deserves something, then you take the co-ordinates and send me an email.”

At that point the kindly Ester Geo Bunnie contacts each gift recipient “via Geocaching.com and/or email informing them that they are required to go hunting”.

“This allows you to remain entirely anonymous. You can even include a message and a hint as well,” the Bunny University graduate advised. “I also send you a copy of the message sent to them, and any messages received in return.”

20130124-234213.jpgLike Geo Santa, Ester Geo Bunnie is also based in the Victorian city of Melbourne. And because each gift-giver is responsible for hiding their present, both can offer their services around the globe and for free.

*If you have a present for Ester Geo Bunnie to help deliver, email geo.e.bunny@live.com.au with: your name, the name of your gift recipient, their geo-handle, their email address, the co-ordinates of your hidden gift, a message and any hints.


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