Get Street View In Your Geocache Listings

American geocacher Lil Devil has released another outstanding Greasemonkey script – this one bringing Google Street View into Geocaching.com cache listings. It’s great for checking out cache locations before heading off on a hunt, such as at this stunning location somewhere in the South Island of New Zealand …


The script is available for Firefox users with Greasemonkey or Chrome users with Tampermonkey.

As someone who caches with little people, I’ve found this addition to be rather useful for quickly seeing whether or not caches near roads provide a decent area away from the traffic for the kids to hunt, along with suitable terrain, thus preventing the inevitable disappointment when you turn up to a cache … only to drive away again when you find it’s not ideal.

There is only so many times you can get away with telling your offspring not to look down as they dangle over a large drop. 😉


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  1. thebitchycacher

    It should be said, that the greasemonkey script is not necessary to do this, you can simply cut and paste the co-rds into google earth. this has saved me from going to find LPCs and other disliked types of caches. I have done this many times, and a few times it was completely spot on as to where the cache was hidden. I wish more reviewers would use this before allowing a cache to get published, . in a lot of cases it would have saved me from reporting risky and private property hides to groundspeak.

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