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Rusty relic: The Original Can of Beans.

Rusty relic: The Original Can of Beans.


Yes, that’s right … Production of the first official O.C.B pathtag is nearly in the can.

Last Wednesday, the Aussie Pathtag Club advised that the design honouring the Original Can of Beans had gone to the factory to be minted a few weeks ago. “Hopefully we will get the exciting news that the item is shipping soon. Once we get that notice, we will be more proactive about it.”

Club owner Corinne Pressnell (GC/Pathtags handle: Coruze) says that will include advertising in the pathtag forums and on the group’s Facebook page. “It’s a pity we can’t advertise them on as I know there would be quite a few people who are cachers and not pathtaggers that would like to know about the pathtags.”

Club members will get the first chance to buy the tags before sales are opened to the public, she says. “We, well the club, will be the sole distributer of the pathtags and, as far as I know, only one design will be produced.”

Out of the running: Jon-Paul Barr's entry.

Late last year, It’s Not About The Numbers revealed that O.C.B caretaker Jeff Holliday (GC handle: Team360) had selected two potential tags depicting the now iconic and trackable geo-trophy after receiving submissions from various artists.

However, we can now confirm the actual artwork will not be that of Estonia’s Jon-Paul Barr (GC handle: jpbarr) as shown left. Holliday’s final choice was a submission by Pressnell herself.

“The real McCoy looks very similar to the can itself with natural colours,” she says. “There will be no colours that are not natural such as primary colours. Really that’s the way it should be as it is an old geo-relic and therefore no artificial colours are necessary.”

*To make sure you don’t miss out on an O.C.B pathtag, like the Aussie Pathtag Club’s Facebook page or better yet subscribe to its monthly pathtag service. We’ll also keep you posted here on INATN.
New currency: Jon-Paul Barr's Estonian geocoin.

New currency: Jon-Paul Barr’s Estonian geocoin.


On the subject of Estonia’s Jon-Paul Barr … His goal of producing that country’s first-ever geocoin is finally paying dividends.

Yesterday, the Tallinn resident posted a photo on Facebook showing a finished sample of his 1.75″-diameter (45mm), 3mm-thick coin in an antique silver finish. “I have made one small change, the stalk of the flower will have no colour. But other than that mass production starts today. Woohoo!”

ECIt’s a well-deserved victory for the antique furniture restorer and part-time graphic designer who began fundraising last October. Despite not reaching his goal of US$2500 through crowd-funding platform RocketHub, Barr later decided to finance the rest of the project himself.

He’s now hoping to recoup some of that unexpected outlay by selling more of the trackable coins for €12 each through his JP’s Geocoins and Signature Items page Facebook on Facebook.

Back in October, Barr told It’s Not About The Numbers that he had based the front of his design on an antique brooch, “with an oak leaf and acorn – which was a sacred tree – and the Estonian coat of arms featuring its three lions”. On the back are other national symbols, including a cornflower, a barn swallow and a verse by local poet Lydia Koidula. Even the three colours used – blue, black and white – are those of the European country’s flag.

All going to plan, he will unveil his new creation on February 24th – “the same day as the 95th year of Estonian Independence” – and begin mailing coins to his 37 RocketHub supporters. Those who backed the appeal will also receive a matching pathtag, shown above, as an extra thank you.


New Zealand’s reviewers no longer have to grin and bear their heavy workload, thanks to the arrival of newcomer Growly Bear.

Veteran reviewer Gerard Hyland (GC handle Zero Gravitas) introduced the new team member on the New Zealand Recreational GPS Society forums yesterday. They bring the number of Kiwi reviewers to five.

“To answer those inevitable questions: Yes, they are a long-time New Zealand cacher; yes, they will remain anonymous at this stage; no, they will not be a pushover. Please give them a warm welcome and … go easy!” Hyland wrote.

lagb-11-1Little else is known about Growly Bear at this stage, except that their GC account was opened last Friday.

But if the image on their profile page is anything to go by, he or she appears to be a fan of Gertrude Crampton’s vintage children’s book The Large and Growly Bear.

A quick internet search reveals the 1961 classic centres on a bear which runs around the forest trying to frighten smaller creatures – all of whom are all too busy to notice. Let’s hope this isn’t a forewarning about the newcomer’s likely reviewing style.



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