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As I write this it is 5:53am (NZ Time) on Tuesday 25th December…also known as CHRISTMAS DAY!!!!

One small child has woken up already, although I suspect he is too little to realise what’s happening. I also realise that many of our wonderful readers are also still sleeping and waiting for Santa to arrive.

It was a busy night for visitors at Cumberland (the home of Cumbyrocks). Santa turned up and we had a good catch up and a chat last night over a bottle of L&P and some gingerbread. Then, later in the night, the tooth fairy showed to collect the letter from my oldest explaining how he managed to swallow his first loose tooth scoffing chocolate on Christmas Eve. I sensed she was kinda annoyed at being called out to do a coin drop when she could have been at the Fairy Christmas Eve party.

At the very last minute this year Santa decided I had been a very good boy and elected to get me a present with GPS…because 7 GPSr’s is not enough. So I’m looking forward to having some geo-fun later in the day.

Wherever you are in the world today the INATN team would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas. We hope your day is filled with all the food you can eat and caches you can find.

We’ll leave you with a video that a very recent caching convert and great friend posted for Christmas…






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