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American geocacher Julie Henning introduces It’s Not About The Numbers to a great geocaching and exchange initiative.

A worldwide project to promote literacy and build community through a free book exchange using boxes roughly the size of a milk crate, the Little Free Library initiative began in 2009 just down the street from our Madison, Wisconsin home.

Popping up all over town and in remote corners of the world, Little Free Libraries can be found at restaurants, schools, coffee houses, parks, and in residential neighborhoods. Operating under the general premise “take a book, leave a book,” anyone can visit a Little Free Library to take, borrow, add or return a book to the box.

Noting the commonalities between the Little Free Library and Geocaching programs, we built a hybrid library/geocaching container and called it the Little Free Geocache. Not the first geocaching team to come up this idea, a few other hybrid free library caches have popped up around town. Popular with children and adults, the container is an ideal travel bug hotel and (blizzard permitting) winter friendly.

With help from the geo-kids we painted a telltale geocaching logo on both sides of the outer container and painstakingly hollowed out the insides of a hard-cover novel used to house the log book, geocoins, and pathtags. (Alas, no one has noticed the decision to use Passages by Gale Sheehy.)

Little Free Library is affiliated with the local Neighborhood Library Builders Guild, a group of volunteers that build the libraries available for sale on the Little Free Library website. Members of the guild range from carpenters, architects, students, Scouts, and anyone interested in the project. Or you can build your own, like we did. We used the construction plans available here.

Currently, Little Free Library containers have been registered in every state and over fifteen countries outside of the U.A. The founding members have set a goal to build more than 2,510 libraries around the world—this is the number of libraries endowed by late 19th Century American philanthropist Andrew Carnegie.

*Julie Henning is geocaching editor with the family travel website Road Trips for Families and owner of the registered trademark, Going on VaCachen. She has been geocaching since 2010 as CalORie, most recently completing the Diamond Head Crater earthcache in Honolulu, Hawaii.




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  1. thebitchycacher says:

    December 18, 2012 at 11:02 am

    Nice to know we can add a positive spin to our game that promotes literacy. I hope anyone thinking of hiding a cache in the future will consider this as an option. Great idea!

  2. PhotogJenn (@photogjenn) says:

    December 9, 2016 at 10:29 am

    That’s interesting. How do you ensure your geocache log doesn’t get taken by someone looking for a book?!

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