The Business End Of Munzee Down Under

Time to get down to business, Munzee fans – now that all six barcode types finally appear on the New Zealand player map.

On November 30th, Tauranga IT firm Dzina added the sole missing game piece by hanging the country’s first business Munzee in the window of its Greerton premises.

That barcode, Dzina Ltd, reads: “Come on in and view our range of Android tablets … Munzee hunters who purchase a tablet get a FREE Neoprene Case!”

Company spokeswoman Denise Coy first looked into Munzee’s free commerical venture when she and her sons took up the game a few months back but says she couldn’t find “any great amount of info on how it worked so left  it”.

“Recently [Tauranga player] Hotwheelsnz suggested we get one, so I followed it up, applied and here we are.”

She had no idea her QR code – which appears as a purple pinpoint on the Munzee map – would be the first in New Zealand, though. “In fact, I do not think there are that many worldwide.”

As yet she has not received her official window-cling Munzee but expects it will arrive soon. Until then, Coy (Munzee handle: CoyBoys) has had to print out the barcode herself to keep up with player demand.

“Straight after I got to work on the day it was deployed, we had one keen Munzee hunter there to cap it – we quickly had to print it for him to cap.”

She adds that a second Munzee fan has already enquired about buying a tablet from Dzina. “And another person suggested we sell Munzee interest products,  like battery banks for phones, car chargers etc. So we are looking into that. That was all in ONE day. So I can say, the reaction has been excellent!”

Nor is she coy when predicting the future impact of such barcodes. “I love the way you can add incentives (eg. after 10 caps you get XX).

“I think it will be excellent for service stations or cafes. It would certainly promote business and get customers. I am surprised businesses have not jumped at this.”

The company’s barcode has since been captured 43 times, earning it third place on the latest Top Weekly Munzees chart.

*Following suit,  It’s Not About The Numbers now plans to launch its own business Munzee in Wellington City. Check it out next time you’re in the capital.


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  1. Nighthawk700

    I haven’t tried it, but what happens if we try to capture the picture of the munzee? Is that like armchair virtual hunters? (which is why I haven’t tried it…) 😉

    1. Juicepig

      you can’t log it without the app – so you can take a picture, and someday, when you have a phone that supports it, line the two phones up, and take a picture of your picture… maybe that will work 🙂

  2. Denise

    You have to be at the location to cap it Mighthawk700.

    Great article, well written. Thank you! 🙂

  3. NZSammy

    I am a Munzee Addict, I love the idea of business Munzee’s, It is a great marketing tool to use for all sorts of business’s, i have a brother who work as a manger at a national fast food chain, I am going to be pushing him to start one at his outlet, then push it for nation wide.

    I have also got my Wife & kids hooked on this, my kids try to scan every bar code in sight in the supermarket just to here the ding!

    This game is great for those kids who are glued to there phones and gets them out of the house.

    1. kjwx

      That’s a great idea about the fast-food chain, NZSammy. I’m actually really impressed by Munzee’s scheme – especially as it’s free for users. Pity more firms haven’t gotten onboard yet – and that we get only one point for scanning.

  4. Kylie Walker on Facebook

    Philip: This is the post I was talking about.

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