A Cute-As-A-Button Mystery: But Is It True?


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Detour ahead: The mysterious new signage in the Los Angeles neighbourhood of Highland Park. Photo: David Fonseca/Patch.com

Next exit, Pasadena … and Cute As a Button?

This mysterious addition to a Californian freeway sign baffled motorists all weekend but has now been attributed to the work of a Highland Park geocacher.

Ground Zero: The sign’s arrow points to this meridian garden. Photo: David Fonseca/Patch.com

The new signage at the corner of Avenue 57 and Via Marisol in the historic Los Angeles neighbourhood was spotted on Saturday and reported on the Highland Park-Mount Washington section of Patch.com.

Today’s update by editor David Fonseca advises that while the average commuter won’t find much meaning in the cleverly crafted sign, “it’s an important clue for members of the geocaching community”.

Patch reader Steve told Fonseca that the phrase ‘Cute As a Button’ is a clue that a geocache is nearby. “‘Cute As a Button’ is a series of geocaches,” Steve explained. “I love clues like this. As a geocacher, we so enjoy to put clues up in the open that only a select handful will understand.”

There has been no word yet on whether the geocache has been discovered, Fonseca added.

Photo: David Fonseca/Patch.com

It’s Not About The Numbers has been unable to find any mention of this hide online so believes it may refer to an unpublished cache within the meridian garden that the arrow points to. Nor were we familiar with the geo-term ‘Cute As a Button’ until today. It certainly doesn’t appear in GeoLex, the online geo-dictionary.

*Do you know of the Highland Park geocache referred to here? Or have you heard of ‘Cute As a Button’ being used as a geocaching term? Tell us below …


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