Cheque This Out …

I don’t use cheques – or know anybody who still does except for business purposes – but after seeing these examples, I wish I did.

American company CheckAdvantage now offers four geocaching options and another suitable design from its orienteering range. Not to mention more still that feature kayaking and camping.
All you have to do is supply your bank details and cheque account No when ordering to get between 150 to 600 personalised cheques that easily trump those offered by the major financial institutions.
And the price, you ask? Either US$13.95 or $14.95 (depending on whether you opt for the standard or perforated side-tear version) for 150 cheques split into six books of 25.
Matching chequebook covers and address labels are also available – but unfortunately you have to be an American resident and bank customer to purchase any of these items.



  1. Nighthawk700

    If only this had been posted 2 weeks ago; my wife just ordered a bunch of new checks (since we moved last year and stores weren’t taking checks with our old address).

    1. kjwx

      Sorry about that, Nighthawk700; I found out about them myself only today. 🙂

  2. Jim

    Egads. The first one. A Garmin Gecko? Weren’t they discontinued in about 2006? They’re pretty nice though. I will remember this blog post, and perhaps order some some day. At the rate I used checks, I probably won’t run out for close to a year though!

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