New Path For Original Can Of Beans

Geocaching’s first trade item – the Original Can of Beans – will soon have its second official trading item.

O.C.B caretaker Jeff Holliday is planning to release his first pathtag celebrating the can of beans he recovered from the site of Dave Ulmer’s Original Stash in Beavercreek, Oregon back in 2003. And he’s chosen the Aussie Pathtag Club as his official distributor.

Holliday (GC handle: Team 360) told It’s Not About The Numbers that starting the tags in Australia was just one small way he could give back to “overseas geocachers who do so much for this game”.

The official O.C.B trading card

“So many times I’ve heard the United States has ‘the first cache’, ‘the Plaque’ [GCGV0P], ‘Groundspeak HQ’ [GCK25B] … well, the USA isn’t the only game in town when it comes to geocaching. I like the entire ‘global community’ aspect of it.”

Although Holliday, who travels worldwide with the now iconic and trackable geo-trophy, already has a limited-edition trading card to distribute to event-goers, this will be his first foray into the pathtag market.

“Since the O.C.B. stands on its own, the design will be a clean and simple one, not overly complicated or buried with background clutter,” he explained. “As the Aussie Pathtag Club is producing it, I’ll let them run with the unveiling decision.”

INATN has since learnt that Holliday picked two potential tags – including the one shown above by Estonia’s Jon-Paul Barr (GC handle: jpbarr) – earlier in the year after receiving submissions from various artists. According to the club’s website, the chosen design will go into production “hopefully by the end of the year”, with club members to be given the first chance to purchase the metal souvenirs.

Holliday believes the number of pathtags produced will probably be based on pre-sale numbers – but adds “they can always run more if needed”. “I hope the production time isn’t too long and we’ll be seeing these in the very near future, hopefully within the next couple of months.”

In the meantime, he has kindly sent INATN a couple of his O.C.B collector’s cards to give away – so stay tuned for the launch of that competition.

*What do you think the official O.C.B pathtag should look like? INATN is partial to something like this design, minted for GC23T7E attendees of back in 2010 as part of Groundspeak’s 10 Years celebration, or the one atop this post by Estonia’s Jon-Paul Barr. Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below …


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  1. Cat Clark on Facebook

    I want one! 🙂

  2. Kristelle Reed James on Facebook

    Original beans, the cachingest kind,
    The more you hunt, the more you find.
    The more you find, the more it’s fun,
    So original beans for everyone!

  3. Manville Possum Hunters

    That’s a really nice tag. Team 360 and I became friends on the OX site and offered to send me one of the Garmin Pathtags, Opie’s GeoWoodstock Adventure. It was the only one that he had. One of the guys at Garmin had one also and sent it to my daughter for her collection. That was really kind of both of them to offer, and jeff did send me a few of the O.C.B. collector cards. They are nice and unique. The O.C.B. was a hot topic in the Groundspeak forums about a month ago, but they must not like beans there, or black eyed peas as some claim them to be. The thread got locked, and if I understood it correctly a few of us were warned not to bring the topic back up. Seems there is a misconception about the O.C.B. and their connection to OpenCaching.com because Garmin shared a table to display the O.C.B. at a Mega event.
    I just added our Pathtag collection to my profile page on OX yesterday. I really like the new profile feature on OX, it’s much better for me than what GC.com has to offer. If I use the word “Pathtag” on their site once more I will be banned from their forums, again. I like to use both sites, but some don’t understand that it’s all about geocaching and not about which sites we use.

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