Out With The Old At Navicache

The times they are finally a’changin for Navicache.com … Seven months after the formerly mainstream listing service was sold, it now has a swish new logo.

New owners Kurt Milligan and Joseph ‘EJ’ Martin III – better known as the duo behind the MadCacher and Cache Barn brands – publicly unveiled the new Navicache imagery last week as part of their modernisation of the website.

If the design seems familiar to users of the GC.com alternative, their plan has worked, says Milligan, the chief operations officer for parent company Leeward Coast.

“Our goal for the new logo was to stick closely to what was already familiar to our users, but have a nice clean vector version for further use in marketing materials and reflect some of the new technology used to seek out caches. We believe the logo will be a fresh start for Navicache.”

With his brown hair colour, liposuctioned cheeks and a new smartphone, today’s cartoon Navicache mascot has certainly shed much of his previous geeky appearance.

But for now, Milligan and Martin have yet to advertise his makeover on their new site; instead, featuring it on their latest MadCacher-branded log sheet, which they offer readers as a free download.

“Soon after acquiring Navicache, both EJ and I had some personal matters that took precedence over our hobby,” Milligan explains. “EJ has a very demanding day job and I had a lot of family issues that detracted from further development.

“Funding for our various projects was placed on hold until we could regroup, assess and make a clear plan moving forward. We certainly have a lot of great ideas for the site and would like to develop new features that keep people engaged.”

Unfortunately, the Navicache website was “created in a coding language I am not familiar with”, Milligan adds, making him nervous about breaking the system if he “gets in there mucking around”.

The free MadCacher logbook.

All is not lost, though. “To help us facilitate the changes to Navicache and speed up the process, we have been diligently working on a Request For Proposal in the hopes of finding an outside agency to help us. We are also seeking out new areas for funding and have resumed our regular project  meetings.”

Meanwhile, he has “slowly but surely” been updating MadCacher.com – “web designers should never have their own sites, they constantly change before they are done” – and imported the pair’s contacts list for future newsletters.

“We are also hiring a ghost writer to help with the finishing touches of a geocaching ebook that we are very excited about,” Milligan says. “Another addition will be the inclusion of club listings, whereby an interactive map will be placed on the site so our American users (for now anyway) can search for geocaching clubs in their state.”

*You can score your own copy of the free MadCacher logbook by signing up for the website’s email newsletter here.


Want to support the MadCacher guys’ bid to upgrade Navicache.com? Now you can make a Paypal donation straight from their website

Site owners Kurt Milligan and Joseph ‘EJ’ Martin III hope to raise US$3000 for their project, and have already received $50 from one fan.

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