Snapped: Filming Of Cache Craze TV Show

They look crazed … but are the contestants in new Canadian TV show Cache Craze actually geocaching?

Toronto photographer James Hamilton captured these images as 9 Story Entertainment filmed its new geocaching-based children’s programme in the city’s Yonge-Dundas Square last Tuesday.

The 10-episode series is billed as a modern family treasure hunt, in which teenage cachers battle to win prizes in a series of geo-challenges. Host Ryan Horwood – pictured right in circus attire – was present during the public taping but there’s no sign of even one GPS unit in the stills.

On his Toronto Grand Prix Tourist blog, Hamilton wrote that the set “consisted of hundreds of coloured balloons hung on metal girders. Contestants jumped on pogo-sticks wearing spiked helmets to pop the balloons hanging above their heads.”

Filming has also occurred at Elephant Thoughts in the Ontario township of Collingwood, where the young hopefuls had to tackle a NASA-designed human gyroscope at the interactive science facility, according to spokesman Mike Purcell.

Cache Craze will premiere on the YTV children’s network in April next year.

*Does this count as geocaching to you? Or will you wait to see a full episode before deciding? Tell us below …
**Check out James Hamilton’s Toronto Grand Prix Tourist blog for more Cache Craze images.


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  1. thebitchycacher

    I am all for getting young people into the game, but frankly it looks a lot like the game show “wipeout”, C’mon, pogo sticks and balloons? really? I can see the kid appeal, but what’s in it for geocachers?

  2. Lone R

    Looks like the producers of this show aren’t geocachers.

  3. NoNameYet202

    This reminds me of when the show “Kickin’ it” on Disney XD did an episode on geocaching. They were way off in left field (if the cache they had gone after had been real, it’d have been a 5/5 multicache easy, and I’d never let any group of kids go after such a cache alone). But at least they got the GPSr into the show.

  4. Kenlaur

    The show has 2 components to it.
    A Wipeout style part that consists of challenges the contestants compete in to get an advantage in the 2nd “cache” components where they run around with smartphones and scan “caches” for points.
    Part 2 is shockingly similar to Munzee.
    Coincidentally when the show was filmed in Niagara Falls Ontario one of their “caches” was in the exact location as one of my Munzees. I even seen it while watching the show.

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