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Figure 1

By Vince Migliore (GC handle: FolsomNatural)

There are a number of abandoned or unused railroad lines in my town. Local cachers often use these tracks as hiding places. Here, I’ll show you how to create a simple bison tube hide using a railroad spike.

Figure 2

Loose spikes can easy to come by; whether you visit a local scrap-metal dealer, a junk shop or stumble upon one near a prospective GZ. The metal is relatively soft and will cut easily with a hacksaw blade.

To make this hide, cut your spike near the middle, then attach a wire or clip that can be used to secure the bison tube. The clip or attachment must be smaller than the diameter of your spike shank.

Figure 1 shows the spike in position, and pulled out. The connecting wire is attached with an epoxy or product such as Gorilla Glue. Maybe it’s not the prettiest, but certainly the easiest way to connect the wire is to use the hacksaw to score a channel in the spike’s cut end (see Figure 2).

Twist the wire and cut it in such a way that it fits into that channel.  Next, wrap a few turns of masking tape around the end of your spike to form a cup and pour in the glue. When it’s dry, connect the bison tube to the wire and you’re ready to go.

Good luck!

A WORD OF ADVICE FROM INATN: Before you hide that evil new creation, take a moment to review Groundspeak’s rules forbidding caches on railroad property. In the United States, such hides must be at least 150 feet (46 metres) from active tracks. Local laws may vary, so check with the authorities in your area first.

*Material for this article was printed with the permission of Vince Migliore, the author of Creative Containers for Geocaching. The just-released paperback is available from Amazon for US$9.95. To see more clever geo-designs, visit his website Creative Cache Containers.


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