Fear Not, Dayton’s Finest Are On The Cache …

And the prize for the least geo-aware American law agency goes to  … Ohio’s Dayton Police Department.

On Monday night, the city’s bomb squad seized and detonated a “fake pipe bomb”. No shock there considering the number of geocache-related bomb scares these days … 

But while local players have been busy discussing the demise of GC3A5J5 Tulips For Josie, one of Dayton’s finest told reporters they have no idea who might have left the device on Josie St, near Henry St.

“It was a small pipe wrapped up in black duct tape,” Sergeant Matt Beavers told WhioTV. “Once we arrived, we took a look at it and called the bomb squad.

“It ended up being just a hoax device. There was no explosive found inside it. It was piece of PVC that had two end caps. It was a fake pipe bomb.”

Paperwork inside the pipe made officers believe the device may have been part of some sort of scavenger hunt, he said. Seriously? That’s the best lead you’ve got?

To be fair, though, the safety of GC3A5J5 had been bothering finders – as these logs show. 

Found it. Kind of a questionable container though, someone might think it’s a pipe bomb!”

“A suggestion for the CO: You might consider placing a geocache label on the outside of the container. I’m just thinking of a muggle stumbling upon this cache and not knowing what it is, calling the bomb squad.”

“The container was surprisingly bigger than I thought it was going to be, and it’s a good candidate for one of those ‘mysterious container detonated by Dayton Bomb Squad’ headlines in the news. It could probably use some sort of label on the outside so people know its a geocache right away.”

The traditional cache was placed in January; the first hide for D8toncaches, although they have had a Geocaching.com account since 2007. It has since been archived by a local reviewer.

Ironically during TV coverage of the incident, Sergeant Beavers asked the person responsible not to place any more. If only he knew …


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  1. professorbenson

    Great. Dayton is my hometown. The place hasn’t been ahead of the curve since Charles Kettering invented the electric car starter.

  2. Roddy

    Yeah, they should have been able to read and realize (after the fact) that it was a cache, but how boneheaded a move to place a cache like that? And people wonder how caching gets banned?

  3. 'Rockin Roddy on Facebook

    guess making a fake bomb cache and not marking it isn’t smart….but most of us already knew this?

  4. 'Rockin Roddy on Facebook

    I don’t believe Dayton LEO are the ones least aware in this incident

  5. Lone R

    More of the story…from the discussion forum:

    “The bomb squad was called to our neighborhood today after reports of a pipe bomb. It was the geocache that we found yesterday, ha! 🙂 My husband was out there & told the police what it was, and showed them the picture of us holding it yesterday. They used their bomb robot to retrieve it & blow it up, then told my husband that he was right, it WAS the geocache. Crazy stuff :)”

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