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Congratulations: The official GC1058 Project APE letter.

Thanks to Australia’s Kevin Burfitt, It’s Not About The Numbers has unearthed footage of Project APE: Mission Eight for your viewing pleasure …

The Victoria games producer (GC handle: Zaph) and partner Erica were the second to find this promotional cache back in July 2001, also snapping these photos of their night-time visit to GC1958.

The video clip – which Burfitt describes as being in “in Blair Witch-style night-vision” – shows the pair opening the cache, reading the logbook and instructions, finding a Planet of The Apes T-shirt and cap, then rehiding the ammo can.

They’d only spotted the new Project APE listing early that evening, so although GZ was just 10km from home, they didn’t arrive at Wattle Park till after dark. At that stage, they knew the FTF was gone but took solace in the novel but “slightly sinister” experience of night-caching.

It was Erica who claimed the find, while Burfitt scored the best trade items. “I took the T-shirt, and left some boring items (all we could find as we rushed to the site) – some USA and Australian currency, a McDonalds voucher, a girl’s hairclip with a star on it, and some business cards.”


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