TV Network Joins The Cache Craze

Seek and ye shall find … at least that’s what a Canadian TV network is hoping as it turns to geocaching for a ratings boost.

Kids channel YTV has commissioned 10 episodes of a new GPS-driven series, Cache Craze, for its 2013 lineup as a way of attracting new viewers and advertisers.

Each 60-minute installment of this “modern-day family treasure hunt” will feature teenage cachers battling to win prizes in a series of geo-challenges, according to the TV show’s creator, 9 Story Entertainment.

Hosting Cache Craze will be comedian Ryan Horwood; best known for his acting roles on YTV’s Monster Warriors and Howie Mandel’s hidden-camera series Howie Do It.

“Geocaching has captivated adventure enthusiasts worldwide and is perfect for engaging teen and family audiences,” says Vince Commisso, 9 Story Entertainment’s president and chief executive. “We are delighted to be working with YTV to bring this smart and exciting new show to young viewers.”

His company has already begun filming Cache Craze near its Toronto offices, in preparation for the show’s premiere on YTV next March.

Cache Craze is the kind of show our YTV audience enjoys,” says Jocelyn Hamilton, Vice president of original programming at YTV’s owner, Corus Entertainment. “The adventure-based series will have viewers rooting for their favourite teams and laughing along the way with each mind-twisting and outrageous stunt they’re challenged with during the 10-week competition.”

*Is it just INATN, or is the concept of YTV’s new show slightly ironic – given that geocaching helps unglue kids from the TV and gets them outside exercising? Tell us below …


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  1. Pam Gogo Granny Copenhaver on Facebook

    This is very cool!!!

  2. professorbenson

    Sounds like it has potential.

  3. Philip Williams on Facebook

    so how about t v nz doing this also

  4. Kylie Walker on Facebook

    Maybe you should write to them, Philip …

  5. Mike Purcell

    Elephant Thoughts is excited to be part of Cache Craze! We just finished filming in Toronto for an upcoming episode that will feature our Gyroscope. Elephant Thoughts is a non-profit based in Collingwood whose mandate is to help promote high standards of education worldwide despite economic or geographic barriers. Check us out here http://bit.ly/Elephantthoughts

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