In Honour Of Trackable Week

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In case you haven’t been keeping track, Groundspeak’s lackeys are celebrating all things geocoin and TB-related this week …

So in honour of Trackable Week 2012, It’s Not About Numbers has a fantastic prize worth A$34.85 to give away. Our lucky winner will take home a NZ Flag micro-geocoin, a Pure Colour travel tag and a Geo-Achievement set of their choice, courtesy of Australian webstore 101Geo.

The highlight of our competition is the Geo-Achievement set by American manufacturer Coins And Pins.

It features a commemorative geocoin of your latest finds or hides milestone, plus matching lapel pin – both of which are plated in polished nickel. The coin even has room on the back for two lines of custom engraving – so you’ll never forgot which geocache got you to that mark.

Every player is catered for – from weekend warriors to FTF freaks – as 101Geo owner Alan Arthur stocks the full range of Geo-Achievement Geocoin Award sets in his popular webstore, “including not only the ‘finds’ sets (celebrating your geocache finds, from 100 finds up to 50,000 finds), but also the geocache ‘hides’ sets (from 10 to 300 hides)”.

“These coins look amazing, and are a great excuse to add a coin to your own personal collection, and commemorate a caching milestone at the same time,” he says.

The tiny NZ Flag geocoin measures just 2.5 centimetres across, making it perfect for squeezing into those tiny hides, while the Pure Colour series of trackables are “a cross between a geocoin and a travel tag”.

“They’re solid metal and thick like a geocoin, but smaller in size (24 x 24 millimetres) and with a chain attached, like a travel bug.”

Best of all, they come in a wide range of colourful enamels.

As you’d expect, all three are trackable on GC.com – each with their own icon.


To get your name in the draw, tell us which is your favourite trackable from 101Geo’s extensive range. Entries close at noon (NZ time) on September 23, 2012. Usual INATN terms and conditions apply.

*In the meantime, signal your participation in Trackable Week 2012 on Groundspeak’s Facebook events page.




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  1. Guwapo's Papa

    That shiny looking coin next to the paragraph about the NZ micro coin sure looks like the Aussie flag to me.

    1. kjwx

      Perhaps it’s time to get my eyes tested … Unfortunately, such details are easily missed when blogging from my phone in the middle of the night. Thanks for the heads-up, Bruce.

      1. Guwapo's Papa

        And your day (night) job is?

        1. kjwx

          Yes but they don’t make me design a news page on a screen the size of my iPhone’s. It may feel like it sometimes but my work terminal is actually much bigger.
          Plus if I got everything right, you Dunedin cachers would have nothing to complain about.

  2. Dave Racette on Facebook

    That Geocoin License is pretty cool!

  3. Philip Williams on Facebook

    i hope i win

  4. kjwx

    UPDATE: Congratulations to Canada’s Lib Mendonca … You’ve won our Trackable Week prize from 101 Geo.

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