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British cacher Adam Redshaw could well be the geo-world’s answer to media mogul Rupert Murdoch.

Five months ago, the West Midlands resident launched his country’s first print magazine dedicated to this hi-tech hobby, and he already has more than 1000 readers an issue.

Each A5 edition of UK Cache Mag features 64 full-colour pages, all printed on a thick, glossy paper. By charging a cover price of £2.99 plus postage, Redshaw intends to regale his readers with geocaching stories, how-to guides and product reviews six times a year.

In between compiling his third issue of the pocket-sized read, he told It’s Not About The Numbers that he had the idea to start a magazine a few years ago. “But it was only really February this year that I dived into it head-first – and what a learning curve it’s been.

Issue 1 had a few teething problems, feedback was good, constructive and almost all positive. Feedback on Issue 2 is much better, as it had been improved massively thanks to reader suggestions and comments.”

His target market is “anybody and everybody” – “geocaching covers such a vast range of people, though I’m getting a feel for the average reader”.

Redshaw himself began geocaching four years ago as DivingDJ but recently changed his handle to UKCacheMag to reflect his new publishing interests.

Admittedly, it was “stupidity” that led to the creation of his bi-monthly geocaching title, he says. “On a serious note, I get a magazine about the mobile disco business, and always get excited when that arrives, so thought I would try to start one about geocaching as it’s growing such a following here in the United Kingdom, and worldwide.”

At that point, Redshaw had no publishing experience whatsoever; his day job involves customer service at a credit-card call centre.

However, his subscriber figures prove he’s on the right track. “The number of readers and subscribers is increasing faster than I hoped. I’m also getting lots of very positive feedback and reader-submitted content.”

That’s a huge help, when the production team at UK Cache Mag is just Redshaw “and a few people writing the odd article”. For now it’s a part-time venture, but he’s working on making the magazine self-sufficient so his role as editor can become fulltime. “Then I can give it the full attention it needs and deserves for continuous improvement.”

To that end, he hopes to expand with “a team of writers, graphic designer and a proof-reader”. “I have also joined a network of publishing professionals for more ‘business’ guidance.”

One day he’d like to emulate the relaxed feel of rival American title FTF Geocacher but in the meantime, Redshaw has to finish his Issue 3 before October. Among its pages will be details of the fourth UK MEGA event later this year, first-hand recounts of events and trails as well as some product reviews and useful web links, he says.


Want to flick through UK Cache Mag for yourself?
Publisher Adam Redshaw has created a special code so INATN readers in Britain and abroad can buy a cut-price copy of Issue 3.
Simply use the Paypal link above to get 15 per cent off the £2.99 cover price – that’s a saving of 50p. Please note: International postage applies for those outside of Britain.
And if you like what you read, why not consider paying £15 for an annual subscription (six editions) to UK Cache Mag.



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  1. professorbenson says:

    September 15, 2012 at 12:16 pm

    Excellent! I look forward to seeing this magazine and what he’ll do with it.

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