Holy Cow, Geoman! It’s Another Caching Comic

Some use a notebook to record their geocaching adventures; others a smartphone or GPSr; Dan White, howevers, prefers the medium of comic strip.

Our villian: The Geoker

Three years ago, the British cacher began drawing on his hobby to create popular strip Geotrackers. He’s joined on those 2-D trails by his uncle – the person who introduced him to caching and suggested the comic – and more latterly colourful characters such as Geoman, the Geoker, Cache Boy, First To Find Girl and his Geo Treck alter-ego Dan T White, captain of the USS Enterprise.

Dan White

White (GC handle: Rightfootdan) says it was his uncle who first found out about geocaching and asked him along one weekend. “We liked it so much that we kept going.”

Unsurprisingly, then, his two main characters Dan and Steve are “very loosely based” on White and his relative. “Also most of the strips come from actual geocaching adventures we have in real life. I just exaggerate them a little.”

The 24-year-old from Kent, just outside London, posted his first Geotrackers strip on November 9th, 2009 after mulling over his uncle’s idea “for a few weeks before that”.

A new strip appears on his Geotrackers website most Mondays and Thursdays, with each four-panel story taking White about three hours “from start to finish”. “If it’s a full-page Geoman strip then that could take me up to six hours.”

Thankfully, then, Geoman is his favourite personality to draw – “probably because all those strips are created in such a different style to the normal strips, and I really like to push myself artistically sometimes”.

When asked which comical arcs he prefers best, White struggles to answer. “Oh man! That’s a pretty hard question to answer, but I think it has to be the cows. Also the Lucky Undies one always makes me laugh too.”

His fans don’t have such a problem, though, eagerly awaiting each new installment. “I would say over 90 per cent of my followers on Twitter are cachers and they help to spread the word. It’s fantastic.”

However, Geotrackers wasn’t White’s first strip and it won’t be his last. “Before this, I was working on a comic called Larry & Gary, but I had only posted about four or five strips before I decided to stop and just do Geotrackers,” he says. “For the past few months, I have been secretly working on a new comic that has nothing to do with geocaching, but still should be pretty fun – once I get it finished.”

It’s Not About The Numbers hopes it doesn’t interfere with his geo-expeditions too much, though.

*You can see more of Dan White’s work through his Geotrackers and Danny White Art websites, as well on his Geotrackers‘ Facebook page.

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  1. Nighthawk700

    I discovered this comic about a month ago and quickly read through all of them. My favorite was when he was caching with an iPad and whacked into a tree. My boss uses an iPad and that’s what I always picture him doing! Keep up the good work!!

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