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Puzzle me this: One of Eddy De Clercq’s winning geocache entries.

Drum roll please, Cumbyrocks … And the winner of It’s Not About The Numbersrecent DIY contest is Eddy De Clercq.

For his efforts, the Belgium cacher (GC handle: searchjaunt) has won a copy of Vince Migliore’s new book Creative Containers For Geocaching.

Eddy De Clercq

Judging this competition was much, much tougher than we expected, with dozens of eye-popping entries. However, De Clercq’s submission clearly set him apart. For starters, it featured 15 of the most amazing geocaches we’ve ever seen, not to mention three cleverly shot geo-films and details of even bigger, better builds.

As all of these hides are to be showcased at event cache GC393X6 The Puyaja Conspiracy, being held in Vlaams-Brabant on September 9 by local geo-group Het Complot, we’ve promised not to spoil the surprise. For now, you’ll have to make do with the photo above of a puzzle which requires finders to put the blocks in the correct order before they can read the final co-ordinates.

De Clercq has promised to reveal his secrets with INATN readers later this month. And if we’re lucky that will include details of the group’s latest creations.

In the meantime, feast your eyes on this selection of geo-genius. We’ve arranged the entries according to their country of origin but you won’t find any GC codes listed unless that hide has been permanently archived.


Gerard Hyland (GC handle: GSVNoFixedAbode)
An Eclipse tin ‘ammo can’ – sadly now muggled – from GC191VH Urban Observation; and the now-archived GCZVQV Log Your Find.

Tim Burns (GC handle: Tim+Jed)
Examples such as this hidden-in-plain-sight cache make keeping up with this Wellington player a pipe dream for some of us.

Bruce Milne (GC handle: Guwapo)
One of five new hides inspired by the home of Speights Brewery.

Zane Elliott (GC handle: TeamElliottFamily)
“It is a 90mm piece of pipe, capped off at one end, and hidden in the vicinity of other sewerage outlet pipes. You can see the other pipes from GZ, but there is very little chance you could open one of them by mistake …”


From GC2G0CB Useless Movie Trivia V – the owner’s favourite cache creation and yet another muggling victim.

Mike Sutherland (GC handle: GeoCATing)
A ‘double’ magnetic key-holder, with a “flap” on the back to disguise the smaller, real cache. You may have seen this design profiled in the Groundspeak forums’ Cool Cache Containers thread.

Louis Caplan (GC handle: nighthawk700)
It’s all about the numbers – and letters – with this magnetic urban cache.


Matthew Brener
Video footage is a must to see this geo-creation in its “full glory”. It’s located near the train line in Sydney.


Eddy de Clercq (GC handle: searchjaunt)
Move over Spielberg … De Clerq’s Het Complot group has created a series of geo-videos to rival the big-name directors. Their website is in Dutch but it won’t stop you enjoying their clips.



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