Backlash As Groundspeak Closes Loophole


[important]Guest Post by theCommittedCarnivore[/important]

A few days ago, Groundspeak altered the way that users with a Basic membership could access its Geocaching Live service – now people who were previously given access to three full caches every 20 minutes or so are limited to a maximum of three full listings per day.

The company’s advertised limits are indeed only three full listings a day, so it appears Groundspeak’s relaxed rules have been rescinded in favour of implementing the spartan limits it originally set out to enforce.

Basic members who have paid for Geocaching Live-enabled software over the past few months felt they were purchasing a certain service that suited their level of geocaching.  It’s been a shock for some to discover that they own software which no longer performs the way it did when they bought it.  Where the limitations appeared to reset three to four times an hour, these players must now wait a full day to get a very small budget of three full caches.

The advertised limits have not changed but now that Groundspeak has started to enforce them, there is pressure on the geocaching app developers to “turn it [the previous service] back on”, as most users have no concept of who controls these limits.

Conversations on the forums seem to indicate that some members are demanding refunds from the software vendors, who have become the meat in the sandwich in this unintentional drama.

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  1. Nighthawk700

    Nope, I haven’t been affected by this. I’m a premium member, and I also read the rules/settings before purchasing my Android apps. (3 a day for non-premium members). I didn’t even know the loophole was allowing an update every 20 minutes or so for basic members. As the title of this posting says, it’s closing a loophole, not changing stated rules. I don’t belong to every forum, but I looked around the forums for Neongeo, Cachesense, and Groundspeak, and only saw this discussion: http://forums.groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=301201 Sounds like the original poster understood it was a close in loophole, and is trying the $10 3/month premium membership to see if it’s worth it for him. Can you point out some other places/forums where there are conversations? I’m not trying to be contrary, I’d just like to see more discussion on the issue to see everyone’s side.

    Personally, I think the developers have all said on their websites that it was 3 caches per day for Basic members, so gave full disclosure. That said, if they want to refund, it’s up to them (do the app stores allow prorated refunds?)

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