Another Chip Off The Old Block (Party)

Phew! It’s Not About The Numbers has finally caught up with Groundspeak’s Bryan Roth for his thoughts on this year’s Block Party.

Between the company’s annual shindig (GC38J9N) and WSGA Going APE … At The Tunnel Of Light Mega event (GC3C7HK), Roth (GC handle: Bryan) says the weekend of August 18-19 was super-busy – “super fun too!”

“The Block Party was incredible. The highlight for me was getting to meet and speak with geocachers from all over the world. The great thing about geocaching events is that they are similar to huge parties where everyone is friends with everyone else.

“In normal life, it’s so rare to see so many people being so approachable and genuinely excited to be speaking with one another. For me, to see so many friends spending time with other friends is one of the reasons why we use the word ‘community’ to describe the global group of geocachers.”

Among the geo-crowd in Seattle’s Fremont district on International Geocaching Day was Christchurch geocacher Gavin Treadgold, an INATN columnist and co-organiser of New Zealand’s first Mega event (GC35TTR) this October. The images you see here are the work of this avid photographer.

Treadgold (GC handle: rediguana) also attended the Tunnel of Light event whilst in Washington state and we’re hoping he’ll blog about his trip for us soon.

For now, though, check out Groundspeak’s own 2012 Block Party video:

*Next year’s Block Party will be held on August 17, 2013; will you be there?

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  1. rediguana

    You may have to wait until after NZ MEGA 2012 for that writeup. But I may have some more interesting ones coming in September 😉

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