Nissan Finds A New Message To Pedal

Even car-maker Nissan isn’t immune to geocaching’s popularity, it seems.

A few days ago, the Japanese company released this video on YouTube to help promote its sponsorship of professional road cycling team RadioShack Nissan Trek.

The clip, featuring popular German cyclist Jens Voigt and his American team-mate Ben King on a geocaching expedition, has had more than 4000 views since it was uploaded.

Reaction to the staged promo has been overwhelmingly positive, though admittedly the best comment – “The acting was as wooden as that gnarly tree, but anything with Jens in it is awesome” – could be perceived as borderline.

Regardless, this situation has got It’s Not About The Numbers wondering just how long it will be until we see a line of Nissan or RadioShack Nissan Trek geocache containers on the market …

*Do you approve of advertisers using geocaching in their campaigns? Tell us in the comments below …

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