Giveaway: A Slideshow Spectacular

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America’s Larry Butler is firmly in our good books … First he offered It’s Not About The Numbers a Flipper Geocache to give away, and now he’s donated one of his evil Slider hides (pictured left) as a prize.

The owner of Amazon store 4MadHatter’s Books says this PVC pipe creation is based on the famous design by Oregon geocacher JerEvie for GC2W5V6 Slider. Since being placed last May, that hide has clocked up 221 Favourite points and awards from local caching body GEOregon.

 “I don’t want to say too much and give away the secret of this cache. You will love it as much as those who find it. It is not a thirsty cache, nor do cachers put anything in it to retrieve the logsheet,” adds the Nevada resident (GC handle: Hans415).

“All you have to do is find the prefect spot to place this and sit back to watch people scratch their heads wondering ‘how do I get that out?’. It’s evil, yet it makes them think on it.”

To be in the running for our new contest, tell us how you think the Slider Geocache works. Entries close on Sunday, August 26th, 2012 at 12 noon (NZ time). Normal INATN terms and conditions apply.

*Can’t wait? You can always buy your own Slider Geocache – featuring a logsheet and all the hardware required to place it – from 4MadHatter’s Books on Amazon. It normally retails for US$12.99 but is currently on sale for US$7.99.


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  1. Kylie Walker on Facebook

    I already own one of these Slider Geocaches; they really are very clever.

  2. René Lindberg Mikkelsen on Facebook

    I am kinda curious to how they work.. to me it just looks like one needs to remove one or both end caps…. but I suspect that I am ver much indeed wrong there =)

  3. Larry Butler on Facebook

    Of course you can always order one and then you will see 🙂

  4. Larry Butler on Facebook

    I will ship these to foreign countries through paypal

  5. Larry Butler on Facebook

    Amazon will not let anything except Media (books, Cd’s DVd’s etc.) be shipped foreign. That is why we have to do Paypal

  6. René Lindberg Mikkelsen on Facebook

    how much is a think like that?

  7. Larry Butler on Facebook

    7.99 plus shipping and that depends on US or Canada or elsewhere

  8. René Lindberg Mikkelsen on Facebook

    I’m in Demark.. Hmm.. it’s tempting..

  9. René Lindberg Mikkelsen on Facebook

    Oh, I just entered my guess at how it works in the competetion.. then went to look for the hide in the amazon shop and judging from the pictures there, I think I might be right. Evil 🙂

  10. Larry Butler on Facebook

    Good Job…If you want one to demark I can find out in Morning here what shipping is but probably around 12 to 14 us dollars

  11. René Lindberg Mikkelsen on Facebook

    Larry: If it works like I think it works, it’s a little to steep a price (shipping). I’m going to have to remember this when I get to the US again though 😉

  12. Larry Butler on Facebook

    I understand and yes the shipping was 11.29 for Demark but the fav points you get makes it well worth the 20.00 you spend lol

  13. René Lindberg Mikkelsen on Facebook

    I already got 21 fav points on a container I made myself that was released in late june 😉

  14. Larry Butler on Facebook

    Good Job.. well you can make these too.

  15. René Lindberg Mikkelsen on Facebook

    It’s just a bison in an altoids. I don’t think I have any more of the bronze things to make another one, sadly.. http://denada.dk/categories/geocaching/altoids/

  16. Larry Butler on Facebook

    nicely done

  17. Kylie Walker on Facebook

    For what it’s worth, Rene, I had to get mine posted to New Zealand – which is never cheap – but am VERY glad I did.

  18. kjwx

    UPDATE: Congratulations to Dunedin’s Gerard Hyland, the lucky winner of our Slider Geocache giveaway. We hope you enjoy your prize.

  19. GSV

    Yahoo, it’s arrived!! 🙂 Sadly the perfect place (and I do mean *perfect*) is only 70 metres from an Eclipse tin micro beside a lamppost [sigh]. Thanks again to INATN & Larry.

  20. kjwx

    Glad you like it. Am looking forward to see the logs from your finders. I’ve chosen the perfect Wellington spot for mine but have yet to steal the necessary tools from my partner to hide it.

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