Geocaching Family Rescued From Cave

Firefighters winch the three geocachers to safety. Photo: 13 Wham

Three inexperienced American geocachers unexpectedly found themselves on the ropes when they needed rescuing from GZ on Tuesday.

Two dozen Rochester, New York firefighters had to winch the family members to safety using ropes and pulleys after they became trapped in a cave 23 metres above the Genesee River.

GZ: The cave above Rochester’s Genesee River.

Media outlet 13 Wham¬†reported that the 24-year-old woman, her 53-year-old father and 46-year-old mother had been searching for GC674E The Orc’s Treasure when rapidly rising floodwaters blocked their exit. Apparently they had not heard a burst of heavy rainfall from inside the terrain level 4.5 cave.

While the trio was being lifted 15m to safety by emergency crews, local player ChrisX24 posted a note on the cache page after seeing a news bulletin about “people being trapped in a cave near Seth Green Drive”. “Gosh, I hope this is not a group of geocache seekers inside this lair.”

One of victims (GC handle: alyssa40air) later confirmed the family’s plight in a DNF log, saying: “Yes, we were indeed looking for the geocache before a storm hit and water rushed up to our waists. All three of us made it out safely with the assistance of many first responders. For future cachers, if it’s raining … get out quick!”

Lieutenant Ted Kuppinger, of Rochester Fire Department, said GZ was typically “a fairly dry area” so the circumstances of the rescue were unusual.

As a former geocacher, he commiserated with the stranded family. “It’s difficult because you’re invested in it; you want to find something like that so people will probably push themselves more than they should, but you need to be prudent about what you’re capable of doing.

“Look at what you’re doing, look at your situation, take in your surroundings and look at the bigger picture. Don’t get mono-focused on what you’re trying to accomplish … Say is this safe or should I come back another day?”

Cache owner Hinge Thunder & Rippie has since amended his listing for the 2002 hide with a bold weather warning. Two hundred and 17 players have successfully logged GC664E over the last 10 years, earning it 52 Favourite points.

Alyssa40air joined GC.com just five days ago and has yet to log any finds.

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