Your Launch Pad To The Lilypad

Ever wanted a personal tour of Groundspeak HQ by co-founder Bryan Roth? Now’s your chance, at least virtually.

Popular tech website GeekWire has just released the second installment in its new Launch Pad video series, profiling “the Seattle company in the middle of the geocaching boom”.

Roth (GC handle: Bryan) begins his tour of Groundspeak’s Fremont base, better known as the Lilypad, “with the treasure-chest cache in the lobby that serves as a destination for geocachers – or ‘Mecca’, in the words of one person who signed the logbook”.

“As you’ll see in the video above, the company has a unique and fun culture, in the spirit of the activity it promotes,” GeekWire says.

“One interesting office idea that didn’t make it into the final cut of the video: Groundspeak installed iPads on the walls outside its conference rooms to display its reservation system. People reserve times from their computers, and the system then displays the reservations and current meetings on the iPad screens. Roth explained that it was cheaper and easier than custom solutions.”

The clip has been timed to co-incide with International Geocaching Day – and the company’s annual Block Party (GC38J9N) – on August 18th, much like the interview GeekWire did with Groundspeak’s Jeremy Irish last year just after the 2011 Block Party.

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  1. Larry Butler

    I wanna work there lol..Free snacks

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