Winners: Ye Olde FTF Certificates

Time to draw two names out of the hat for It’s Not About The Numbers’ recent FTF Certificate giveaway … And the lucky winners are: Zane Elliott of Dunedin, New Zealand, and Australia’s Jake Slaytor.

To be in the running for one of these sampler packs from Polish webstore FTFshop, entrants had to tell us of their best or worst first-to-find experience.

Elliott (GC handle: TeamElliottFamily) wrote: “My first FTF made the now infamous GC2MCVJ ‘Double Agent’ well infamous! It was my 134th find, and we had Mrs TEF’s cousin (GC handle: S-L-P)) staying with us. We raced out to grab the cache and as we approached a large sea lion shambled off (at a distance of about 125 metres).

“I wrote in the log that we ‘chased off’ a sea lion, which another cacher didn’t take kindly to. I emailed the other cacher and changed my log, but this particular member of the geocaching community was hell bent on seeing the cache archived. I still feel awful about the lengths that person went to, threatening to go to the media, reporting cachers to DOC etc. This was a bittersweet find, my first but I think also my worst FTF experience.

Sydney-based Slaytor (GC handle: Slaytornator) wrote: “I was sitting at home, bored out of my mind. Suddenly, I got a notification about a new cache which had been published. I raced out and arrived at GZ.

“I forgot to note the terrain of 5 … I noticed that the cache was only 40 metres away, just down a rocky cliff. I was petrified and to make matters worse, it began raining. Just imagine a rocky wall, covered in moss when it’s raining. Luckily for me, another cacher, who was well prepared for it. We harnessed up and we started abseiling down, very slowly as it was quite slippery.

“Finally, we arrived and found a container. WHAT? A red herring? C’mon, you can’t be serious. We kept searching until I noticed a huge rock, which was plastic. Inside the rock was an ammo can. We opened the cache, looked at the logbook and saw we were the FTFers. What an adventure!”

Congratulations to both of you; we’ll be in touch soon to organise delivery of your prize.

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