OX Loyalty Scheme On The Cards?

Fancy yourself as a card-carrying OpenCacher?

So does Jeff Holliday (OX handle: Team360). The Arizona resident – and caretaker of geocaching’s first trade item, the Original Can of Beans aka TBGJAA  – has posted the idea on the forums of Garmin’s own listing site, even going as far as to include this mock-up of such a loyalty card.

He writes: “Hey, why not? Garmin is big enough to make it happen … Since geocachers are always on the go, this could be good for discounts with participating airlines, car rentals, hotels/motels, restaurants and travel sites (Expedia, Kayak, Orbitz etc) and Garmin purchases.”

As an extra incentive for OpenCaching.com, Holliday (GC handle: Team360) suggests that the card could be available only to “those who have placed a certain amount of OX-exclusive caches”. Response to his idea has so far been limited but all positive – though It remains to be seen whether Garmin will oblige.

However, It’s Not About The Numbers thinks the concept has plenty of merit, especially if also picked up by Groundspeak. Uniting even a small proportion of the more than 5 million geocachers worldwide offers a LOT of bulk-buying power, though we concede the logistics of doing so probably far outweigh the benefits.

*So would you want or use such a loyalty card from Garmin? What about if Groundspeak offered the same service?


  1. Larry Butler

    This is a wonderful Idea!

  2. Larry Butler

    We need to open this up for all Geocachers, That they all can get a Card for Discounts at Hotels, Motels, Restaurants, etc. etc. and the Hire the Price Negotiator to negotiate prices for all geocachers.

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