Giveaway: Flippin’ Heck What A Geocache

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You’re likely to flip when you see It’s Not About The Numbers’ latest giveaway – a Flipper Geocache by Amazon vendor 4MadHatter’s Books.

Designed by Nevada duo Larry and Carolyn (GC handle: Hans415), this cleverly crafted container requires finders to flip the actual cache out of a 14 inch-long PVC pipe and steel exterior container.

The Butlers say their waterproofed creation, which retails for US$19.99, will definitely put a smile on the face of each finder and earn you considerable praise. If you need proof, check out their own hide, GC3MZB6 The Flipper – with 11 favourite points.

To enter, simply tell us the name of another geocache sold by 4MadHatter’s Books on Amazon in the form below. Entries close on Monday, July 23, 2012 at 12 noon (NZ time). Normal INATN terms and conditions apply.

*If Lady Luck’s not on your side or you don’t have the patience to wait till next Monday, you can always buy your own Flipper Geocache from 4MadHatter’s Books on Amazon.

For a better idea of how the Flipper Geocache works, watch this YouTube clip:



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  1. Nighthawk700

    I took a look on Amazon. Looks like the Flipper is on sale for 50% off! (but then add back on for the S/H). I’ll have to take a closer look tonight. (can’t use my work computer for purchasing things).


  2. ADV

    Secured by some form of “magic screw” no doubt 😉

    Geocache placements do not damage, deface or destroy public or private property. Caches are placed so that the surrounding environment, whether natural or human-made, is safe from intentional or unintentional harm. Property must not be damaged or altered to provide a hiding place, clue, or means of logging a find.

  3. Nighthawk700

    If the CO had permission from the owner of the land/fence post, I see no problem with the setup. I’ve seen other similar type of setups. At least it’s not screwed into a living tree. That I’ve reported to the local reviewer.

  4. kjwx

    My, my, aren’t we all grumpy this week?
    I doubt many of us could say that all our hidden caches meet Groundspeak’s regulations to the letter – those same rules state we shouldn’t damage the surrounding environment but I’m sure we’ve all seen the results of a FTF stampede.
    If a cache is placed with permission and the property owner doesn’t object to a couple of tiny screws, then where’s the problem? That said, in this day and age there are ways to adhere a hide that don’t require a drill.
    Personally, I’d much rather find one container like this, than a dozen Eclipse tins.

  5. Larry Butler

    Yeah Always one grumpy one in the Bunch.
    Let me say this. This is an old abandoned drive Theater that has had more then one cache hidden here also a Munzee is very close by. Putting a Cache on The Post was the property owners Idea. property has not been Damaged or Harmed in any way. In fact I may have improved it a bit.
    In fact ADV are we all not doing exactly what the rules says we are not suppose to? We hide Containers all day long and in Reality are we not just Littering the World by doing this? My cache here is at least secured to a Post and not littering the ground. So think about what you actually are doing when you place your Next cache.

  6. Pete

    Someone in Canterbury made one of these called “Kiwis CAN fly”. The container is painted with a Kiwi on it. I thoroughly enjoyed it and gave it a +1.

    1. Larry Butler

      I always enjoy a great thought out container also. I get tired quickly of finding ammo can after ammo can lol and or 35mm film canisters. I have done the ET highway 2000+ film canisters. Fun but boring if that makes sense.

  7. AeroMechAZ

    ‘Only’ 11 favourite points (out of 21 logged visits)? There’s a neat one here in Arizona (GC35BKD) that has 118 logged finds & 114 favourite points!

    1. kjwx

      And it’s been published for more than a year, while The Flipper is only two months old. Come back in a year and we’ll argue this then.

    2. Larry Butler

      You also have to remember I live in a Small town of 4,000 people and only 4 active cachers (including me) in it. I moved down here the first of this year and am feverishly making and putting out caches and runs to bring people here as they head to the Biggest Run so far in the world (The ET Highway). We just have to convince the Cachers to make the 50 mile out of the way drive to come here. Give it time..I also have one called 5-10-25 ( GC3GHTM ) that is very unique, but again just need people to come. We are 50 miles from nowhere here!

    3. Larry Butler

      I found this interesting also. Top ten Cities in Nevada and Arizona. The Top 3 in Nevada are all part of Las Vegas Proper…The town in which I live in Ranks last 100 and we are 1 hour to hour and a half drive to two of the top ten. Reno and Carson City
      Las Vegas 553,807
      Henderson 255,646
      Paradise 221,051
      Reno 206,629
      Sunrise Manor 195,581
      North Las Vegas 177,751
      Spring Valley 176,552
      Sparks 88,518
      Carson City 58,350
      Pahrump 44,614
      Now for Arizona
      Phoenix – 1,461,575
      Tucson – 515,526
      Mesa – 442,780
      Glendale – 239,435
      Chandler – 234,939
      Scottsdale – 226,013
      Gilbert – 173,989
      Tempe – 161,143
      Peoria – 138,200
      Yuma – 84,688
      A Lot of difference

  8. kjwx

    UPDATE: Congratulations to American player Rich Cheyniac for winning our Flipper Geocache draw. Don’t forget to let us know your postal address, so we can get your prize in the mail.

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