Kickstarting A New Set Of Geo-History Cards

Shane Holmes is putting his cards on the table, his geocacher trading cards that is.

Since It’s Not About The Numbers profiled the American responsible for this new geo-craze, he has launched a Kickstarter appeal to finance a second batch of his glossy geocaching history trading cards.

His inaugural set – featuring the removal of Selective Availability, the father of geocaching Dave Ulmer, Mike Teague’s GPS Stash Hunt site, Groundspeak’s three founders, its mascot and Lilypad HQ as well as the first geocoin – was self-funded and although Holmes has had the 10 designs printed, none were circulated.

Now however, the New York State resident (GC handle: GeoLobo) is offering complete sets and individual cards as a reward for those who help pledge the US$1500 needed to bankroll his project.

Set No 2 will portray 10 more moments in geocaching’s history, with possibilities including “the first event or first virtual, or the first cacher to reach a certain milestone”. The actual themes and illustrations will be chosen by a committee of his more generous donors, Holmes says.

His fundraiser closes on August 5th, though with nearly half of his total reached in less than a week, he’s picking the appeal won’t last the entire 60 days. Currently, he’s just US$480 short.  “If the projected amount is reached before that, the project will start immediately.”

Not that he’s expecting to profit from his enterprise. “Each card cost slighly over US$100 to print and ship. A total of 10 cards is US$1000-plus. Then there is a cost associated with each illustration (10 illustrations at US$30+ each) and the cost of shipping the rewards to each contributor. That doesn’t even take into account the 5 per cent fee Kickstarter charges, or the 5 per cent fee Amazon charges for accepting payments.”

Extra funds will be put toward future cards, and Holmes intends to gift any spares from either pack to geo-events worldwide as prizes.

While it’s unlikely a geocacher trading card will ever fetch millions at auction, members of Holmes’ Geocache Trading Cards page on Facebook have already spotted a prized collectible from his first batch. The original card honouring Elias Alvord erroneously says the Groundspeak co-founder partnered with Bryan Roth and Elias Alvord – instead of Jeremy Irish – in September 2000 to launch their GC.com listing service. It has since been reprinted.

Holmes has also registered the domain name GeocachingTradingCards.com, which he plans to use as. “the new community page” his geo-cards, “whether or not the project is a success or not”.

[notice]It’s Not About The Numbers has pledged its financial support for Shane Holmes’ Geocaching History Cards project – and we hope you will do the same. Every dollar helps – and the more you give the better the reward you’ll get in return. If you can’t spare any cash, help spread the word about this geo-fundraiser to friends, family and strangers using the links given here.[/notice]

*For more information about Shane Holmes’ Geocaching History Cards or to keep up with its progress, check out his Facebook page or Kickstarter fundraiser.

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