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They’re not muggles anymore …

Buried Treasure stars Jeff Galfer and Anna Douglas logged their first caching expedition on Wednesday – posting dozens of photos online – in between preparing for filming to begin.

Since It’s Not About The Numbers reported about Galfer’s Kickstarter appeal, he has raised US$21,743 of the US$24,750 needed to begin filming. However, he must collect the remainder within three days if he’s to see any of that money.

We hope his fundraising efforts will be as success as the pair’s geo-outing in Illinois – during which they found two hides on Northwestern University’s Evanston campus, both part of the TaW (A Turtle among Wildcats) series by Turtlefan.

Galfer says: “The first one was called (GC1Y88Q) TaW#1 – “a turtle among wildcats” – Mini Forest, and the second one was called (GC1Y8TX) TaW #2 – The Marjorie Weinberg Garden.”

The duo even went as far as to check out Garmin’s OpenCaching app while they were searching.

However, that doesn’t detract from the actor and film producer’s reply to geocachers doubting his knowledge of the game. 

Silence of the Lambs wasn’t about a bunch of sheep who don’t talk.  Buried Treasure isn’t about a pirate’s booty hidden in the middle of the ocean.  Sometimes titles contain metaphors.  Thank goodness or otherwise we would have spent three hours watching people eat when we all saw The Hunger Games.

“Does the movie contain an element of geocaching?  Why yes, it does.  In fact, some of the crew and cast love to geocache!  However, this movie is not a documentary and it is not meant to teach others how to geocache.  Just like any subject matter, we’ve tried to take something we love to do and are fascinated by and tell a story around it – taking poetic license when necessary.  To put it simply: our goal is to tell the story in the most entertaining and effective way possible.  

“Will it be icing on the cake if we introduce some newcomers to a great hobby?  Of course!  We can’t all be muggles forever, can we?”

You can read more about his unfortunate run-in with the geo-community here.

It’s Not About The Numbers has pledged its financial support for Jeff Galfer‘s Buried Treasure film – and we hope you will do the same. Every dollar helps – and the more you give the better the reward you’ll get in return (an autographed copy of Crista Flanagan’s Playboy spread, anyone?). If you can’t spare any cash, help spread the word about this geo-fundraiser to friends, family and strangers using the links given here.

*For more information about Buried Treasure or to keep up with its progress, check out the movie’s website, Facebook page, Kickstarter fundraiser and Twitter feed.


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  1. Networkcacher says:

    June 15, 2012 at 10:22 am

    Wow, so Jeff finally found a geocache. Well now that makes him an expert doesn’t it! Or at least enough of one to give the geocaching community more snark in his quoted comments and blog postings. We get the point, the title is a metaphor. All I see is some hipster producer/director that figures he’ll hitch his latest project to a buzz-worthy hobby and try to make his interest seem authentic. Of course INATN jumps on board because you love a good promotion. What are you going to do if his movie doesn’t portray geocaching in a good light and ends up creating more misconceptions than we already have to deal with?

  2. Cumbyrocks says:

    June 16, 2012 at 8:46 am

    Then, o’wise one, I will bow down before you and your superior wisdom!

    However I’d wager that you won’t be willing to do the same.

    We already have a statement from Jeff that he wants to represent geocaching in the best possible light and I’m not so cynical or risk adverse that I won’t trust someone who wants to make a movie that was inspired by the passing of his own father. And, of course, if we don’t support new things then nothing new will ever happen!

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