Geo-Gossip: Two New Celebrity Cachers

Spotted at GZ: Perez Hilton

I’m not one to gossip but … it seems our favourite hobby has two new celebrity players: notorious American gossip columnist Perez Hilton and Germany’s professional road cyclist Jens Voigt.

And like the rest of us, they brag about their finds on Twitter. Hollywood-based Hilton (@PerezHilton) tweeted eight days ago about his first geo-experience, even posting a photo of himself at GZ. “Having a blast on my first-ever ‪#Geocaching‬ scavenger hunt adventure! SO fun! I’m hooked! Totally doing this again!”

Forty-year-old Voigt (@thejensie) began caching last October “to keep the kids entertained”, and has just recorded his 149th find this week. He shares a geocaching account with one of his six kids but is most likely to be found on the trail with the family dog, Linda – though he’s also shown American rival Ben King the joys of his past-time when the pair roomed together during the recent Tour of California race.

Another win for German cyclist Jens Voigt

The repeat Tour de France yellow jersey winner has even placed a cache near his home in Berlin – performing maintenance on it on Monday due to a “little problem with ants and water” –  and appears to be truly addicted, tweeting on May 30th that he’d gone geocaching before hopping on his bike. “Gotta set prioritys [sic] – went training later :-)”

Hat-tip: OX.com



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  1. philip williams

    Celebrity Cachers ( do we know any more ) must be lot who do it

  2. D Force

    Does anyone know Voigt’s geocaching name?

  3. kjwx

    Yes I know Voigt’s GC handle.

  4. D Force

    Kjwx can you share his geocaching name with me? Thanks.

    1. kjwx

      Sorry, I promised I wouldn’t give it out.

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