Outdoor ID: Helmet & Shoe ID


On Saturday we introduced Outdoor ID, the New Zealand company supplying personalised identification tags, and profiled its Sports ID product. Before we launch our INATN Outdoor ID competition, we also want to quickly profile two other Outdoor ID products that geocachers might use.

The first is the Shoe ID, which will certainly appeal to those runners among us or those who simply like to travel light.

This ID is similar to the company’s Sport ID, except that it is designed to be fitted to most types of footwear – being threaded and secured via the unit’s Velcro strips.

Like the Sports ID, this has the ID information card on the inside and is waterproof. It’s available for NZ$23 from outdoor.co.nz (NZ customers) or outdoor.com.au (international customers).

The second option is quite unique. The Helmet ID is a set of bright yellow fluro adhesives that attach to your helmet.

As it is attached to the outside of the helmet, those coming onto the scene can access your vital information immediately without removing the helmet, seriously reducing the risk of neck and spinal trauma.

The Helmet ID comes with an ID sleeve for one side of your helmet, a warning label for the other side, and some more reflective stickers to place wherever you want. It costs NZ$22 and is available from outdoor.co.nz (NZ customers) or outdoor.com.au (international customers).

Make sure you check this Kiwi company out on Facebook – give them a Like and share their details with some social network friends.

Best of all: Outdoor ID has given It’s Not About The Numbers readers a 10% discount code … which you can get your hands on by entering the INATN Outdoor ID competition (published here in a few days).


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  1. Yellowjeeperman

    Here’s another great alternative, which many runners and cyclists already use. They sponsor many running and cycling races here in the US. http://www.roadid.com

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