Outdoor ID: It Speaks For You When You Can’t

Geocachers love being active and in the outdoors, which is probably why so many love geocaching! But being in the outdoors comes with risks, especially when you’re by yourself.

I’m a big advocate of taking risks, albeit properly managed ones, and love getting out in the bush or going for a ride by myself. But I’m also someone who has a minor congenital heart defect and I’m very aware that this causes my family some anxiety when I go off by myself.

Now, I could wear a Medic Alert bracelet, but I really don’t consider my condition to be severe enough. Plus I’m a little too Scottish to part with that much money … it just doesn’t seem worth it for such a minor condition. Which is why my wife was very glad I stumbled onto Outdoor ID.

Outdoor ID, a New Zealand-based company, produces personalised identity tags for use in a whole range of activities. Whether you are a runner, a cyclist or a tramper, there is an Outdoor ID that will suit you.

The ID that most appeals to me is the Sport ID Wristband. The Velcro band has 3M reflective material and is remarkably comfortable – which is high praise coming from someone who doesn’t really like wearing a watch!

Speaking of which, this little band can also double as a watch or heart rate monitor strap.

But where does all the important info go? Each ID comes with one of these neat little info cards, which simply slot into a special pocket on the inside of the wristband.

One of things I like most about these IDs, as opposed to a Medic Alert bracelet, is that you can store a larger amount of information on them.

I’m often in areas where there is little to no mobile coverage and relying on phone contact with a call centre is not an option.

The band AND the ID card are 100 per cent waterproof, so there is no fear of falling over crossing that stream! And when you come home all muddy, you can throw the band into the washing machine.

It retails for NZ$30 and is available from the outdoorid.co.nz for New Zealand customers, or from outdoorid.com.au for international buyers. You can also check them out on Facebook – give them and share with some social network friends.

Best of all Outdoor ID have given It’s Not About The Numbers readers a 10% discount code…which you can get your hands on by entering the INATN Outdoor ID Giveaway later on this week.

Tomorrow we’ll take a quick look at the Helmet and Shoe ID’s!



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