Geocache In Space: The Countdown Begins


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Houston, we have go for launch of the second Geocache In Space module …

Although in case of American geonaut Scott Cole, his blast-off won’t be at Florida’s Cape Canaveral but rather Gilliam-McConnel Airfield in his home state of North Carolina.

Three days ago, the Southern Pines resident (GC handle: e6c or Echo Six Charlie) advised his 24 project backers (including It’s Not About The Numbers) that his new weather balloon-tethered cache  will be deployed into near-space on June 23 – almost a year since he raised US$1883 on KickStarter.

“First off, thanks to everyone for being so patient about this project. I am sorry that it has taken much longer than anticipated,” wrote the US Army man, whose job was primarily responsible for the delay.

He chose the airfield “because the air controller has been extremely helpful, acting as an intermediary” between himself and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) – “oh, and North Carolina’s best BBQ is also” here. 

Cole has yet to schedule a launch time but expects it to be “in the early afternoon (hopefully about 2pm), so we will have plenty of time to get some great BBQ” at Pik-N-Pig first. More details will be available once he has published the listing page for this event on

This time round, the Dirtbag Geocaching Society member is hoping to break the 100,000-foot barrier and 200-mile mark that his earlier model, GC2JPJJ Sputnik 2010, did not quite achieve.

“Thanks again for your support and patience. I hope to see you there.”

*Unfortunately, It’s Not About The Numbers cannot attend but we are VERY excited about having a trackable onboard Sputnik V2.0.


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