A Prickly Problem With Attributes

An artist's impression of the CS Beta Team

The CacheSense Beta Team, who were hard at work making CacheSense even better, recently noted the mystery appearance of a ‘cactus’ attribute.

This little fella (see left) caused some confusion throughout the team as no one could find his prickly presence anywhere throughout the GC.com world.

The sudden appearance of this attribute was also noted by some other geo-folk, who discussed it further in the GC.com forums.

Oddly, the attribute could only be found when listing an event cache, although it was noted that a change in cache type didn’t remove the spiky sign.

However, J-Rish soon clarified the cactus confusion

The cactus hazard has been removed and the hazards have been re-added for event pages. Thanks for pointing this out. Unless people lobby for the cactus hazard to return we’ll leave that off the list.

As it happens there may just be a need for a cactus attribute, and not just to warn against being impaled, as this clever cache shows…



Do you need a Cactus attribute where you live? Let us know in the comments.



  1. Pete

    All they have to do is rename “Thorns” to “Prickles” and it doesn’t matter if it is a spike or a thorn causing the blood loss by then 😉

  2. JR and Juju

    We live in Southern New Mexico and use the “thorns” attribute a lot. We think it covers cactus just fine. While we have many cacti almost all plant life here will poke you, including barb wire! there is no reason to clutter up the attributes when a generic term will work.

  3. ErikaJean

    I’ve pulled a many of cactus needle out of a many of places…. but I do not think it is a needed attribute and I live in the land of the saguaro!

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