Twilight Zone: Geocacher Finds Bomb, Not Cache

It what seems to be an odd twist on the geocache/bomb relationship, a player near Neustadt Weinstraße in Germany has stumbled upon what appears to be a bomb.

After posting the photo in imgur.com earlier today, the comments have been running hot in the associated reddit thread. Reddit user eodtech1 noted:

“Looks to be a GP ‘Old Style’ bomb. Any chance that area was used as a range at some point? I’ll blame it on the contractors responsible for clearance of reclaimed property. Haha.

Seriously though, don’t touch it. Don’t go near it. I’d also recommend avoiding that area on future geocaching operations. A lot more nasty stuff can easily be underfoot without you realising it. UXO [Un-eXploded Ordinance] is a bitch.”

And it would seem eodtech1 is probably right – searching “GP ‘Old Style’ Bomb” in Google produces a range of information, including the below image. Note the similarity in the tail section to the photo above.

Whilst many commenters have made light of the situation, just as many have expressed how important it is that this find be dealt with promptly. The geocacher has since contacted the local police and provided them with the device’s co-ordinates and location.

*Do you know any more about this explosive find? Let us know in the comments below.


Hat Tip: the mystery Ninja Duck

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