Jeremy Irish’s Mega Tattoo Decision


A trip Down Under for New Zealand’s first Mega may leave an indelible impression on Groundspeak’s Jeremy Irish.

The company founder (GC handle: Jeremy) told It’s Not About The Numbers that he is considering getting a Maori tattoo when he visits the South Island city of Dunedin in October.

Maori tattoos – with their thick, black spirals and curved shapes – have been called one of the world’s most distinctive forms of body art. These intricate (and often sacred) tribal designs originated with the indigenous people of New Zealand; providing both a rite of passage for the wearer and a symbol of their social status.

Traditionally, ta moko was carved into the skin using uhi (chisels), rather than punctured by a needle; however, today it is more likely to be applied with a tattoo gun – which is good news for Irish.

Not that he would be the only ‘celebrity’ to sport a Maori tattoo after visiting our shores: popstar Robbie Williams, boxer Mike Tyson and singer-songwriter Ben Harper all boost their own NZ-inspired designs.

Thankfully, Irish will have his wife and three kids, as well as workmate Bryan Roth, there to hold his hand if he does get inked while attending the three-day Labour Weekend gathering.

This will be his family’s second geocaching vacation of 2012, he says.  “Every year I try to pick at least one event to take my entire family, so this year we decided to take two trips. The first event will be the UK Mega (GC2X1TM) that I have attended over the last two years, and the second trip is the New Zealand Mega in October. I have three children who are six, three and my youngest will be two by the time we make the event.”

Irish, who posted his ‘Will Attend’ log for GC35TTR back on January 20th, says he’s never had the fortune of visiting Godzone; “the farthest I have travelled is to Korea when I was in the [United States] Air Force”. “Most of what I know about it comes from the Flying Conchords, Sir Edmund Hillary and the Lord Of The Rings movies, so I’m looking forward to visiting and exploring the real New Zealand … If anyone can recommend a good tattoo artist, let me know. :)”

Despite the above illustration, It’s Not About The Numbers is confident Irish isn’t planning a facial moko nor that he wants to be inked using traditional methods but it’s probably a safe bet that afterwards he’ll claim Geocaching.com’s special icon for travel bug tattoos.

*If you have any ideas as to what tattoo design Jeremy Irish should choose or which South Island tattoo parlour he should frequent, tell us below.





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