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Some months ago Google changed its charging structure for third-party use of Google Maps, which meant heavy users, such as, had to ditch the service or face significant costs.

But now Google Maps are coming back …

After’s planned site update of Tuesday, May 22nd, premium members will once again have access to Google Maps through the Beta Maps page. Best of all, there will be no extra charge to players and all of the current maps (MapQuest etc) will still be available.

More details will be released with the site update notes next Tuesday.

Personally, this is welcome news. I completely understood the company’s need to move away from Google Maps – the cost of keeping this option was going to be millions. Yes, we did have a number of different workarounds, however being a user of many different computers I found it a little frustrating to keep installing the scripts or, occasionally, find myself in a browser that didn’t have them.

On the other side of the coin, it did bring back a little of the mystery in geocaching that has been lost over the years as technology has improved. Let’s face it, using Google Maps means we know almost exactly where the cache is before we leave home.

But that’s only a minor niggle and I’m much happier knowing that this service will soon be back. After all, who wants to spend ages looking for an urban mint tin!?

Hat Tip: Groundspeak


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