Geocaching Google Maps Are Back!

Google Maps are coming back to Geocaching.com on May 22nd!

What do you think? Do you care? Did you miss this mapping service when it was gone?

For regular members, will this make you pay to become a premium member?



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  1. halemeister

    For me, it isn’t going to make much of a difference. I am already a Premium Member, and I have been using the greasemonkey workaround to get the google maps anyway.

  2. Ian McGlynn on Facebook

    Another PMO function for GS to rake in more cash… total garbage!

  3. Peter Walker on Facebook

    Can’t say I agree with you here Ian. I think Gavin quite clearly outlined in this post ( http://www.notaboutthenumbers.com/2012/02/16/new-geocaching-com-maps-and-the-google-issue/ ) the type of costs GC.com were facing with the changes Google were introducing. If GC.com wanted to rake in the cash they wouldn’t bother bringing Google Maps back at all – it’s a further cost they have to pay!

  4. Ian McGlynn on Facebook

    No need to yell Peter 😉

  5. Peter Walker on Facebook

    WHAT WAS THAT!?!?!? 😛

  6. Dgs Cacher on Facebook

    calm down guys…it’s not about the exclamation

  7. Ian McGlynn on Facebook

    Look, I am totally calm but as soon as I add!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shit gets real…lol

  8. Dodger

    Couldn’t believe the uproar over this when Google Maps got dumped. Big deal. In fact, I like the Mapquest/OpenStreetMap maps better. Oh, I know, what blasphemy.

    Really, why does everybody get all worked up over online maps anyway? Gee whiz, guys, all you need are the coordinates.

  9. ServerSide6

    YESSSSSS!!!!!! I am so happy they’re back. I was so bummed when they left. The replacement maps were clunky, slow and completely lame. It was such a bad experience and reflected poorly on both parties. Good on ’em for working things out.
    Made my day!

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