Win A GeoPardners Travel Tag – Take Two

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[notice]No, you’re not seeing double … Due to a major computer hiccup, It’s Not About The Numbers must repeat its GeoPardners travel tag giveaway. Entries now close on Wednesday, May 16th.[/notice]

Tag, you’re it … Or you could be if you enter It’s Not About The Numbers‘ giveaway for one of two GeoPardners travel tags.

After we profiled this inexpensive, new TB range by USA Geocoins, owner Eric Kirkland kindly donated two of his Bushwhacker Bob designs as prizes.

All you have┬áto do is tell us what your travel goal for Bob would be if you’re lucky enough to win.
Entries close on Wednesday, May 16th, 2012 at 12 noon (NZ time). Normal INATN rules and conditions apply.

*If Lady Luck’s not on your side or you don’t have the patience to wait till Wednesday, you can always purchase your own Bushwhacker Bob travel tag for US$4.99 through Eric Kirkland’s GeoPardners webstore.


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  1. kjwx

    UPDATE: Congratulations to TC Jenicek of Canada and Jennifer Greer of the United States for each winning a GeoPardners tag. Your prize will be coming to you in the mail soon.

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