The Geomate Jr Lives Again

Rich at GPSTracklog has spotted the phoenix like rise of the Geomate Jr from the ashes of Apishere. From the press release he’s since received:

Brand 44 of Denver Colorado (brand44co.com) has recently purchased the Geomate Jr. Geocaching GPS product line from Apisphere Inc. of Dallas Texas. “This acquisition rounds out our growing geocaching product line and will enable us to offer select retailers the most comprehensive selection of geocaching products available anywhere,” said Edward O’Brien, Brand 44′s president.

Geocaching is a real world, outdoor treasure hunting game using a GPS enabled device. With your family and friends, navigate to a set of coordinates and attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at that location. Geocaching is one of the fast growing activities as there are over 6 million active geocachers, 1.6 million active geocaches, with over 75 million geocaches forecasted to be found in 2012!

Brand 44 is a creator of products that encourage families and kids to get outdoors and have fun. There is an alarming trend (Outdoor Retailer Association 2011 Recreation Report) showing substantial declines in outdoor participation by kids 6-12 in the last 5 years. Brand 44 is focused on making outdoor activities fun for the whole family.

The “Backyard Adventure” products include the Slackers™ Slacklines and Ziplines, The Geomate™ line of geocaching products including the popular Geomate Jr.® GPS device that comes preloaded with over 250,000 cache locations from the Geocaching.com database. Brand 44 is also the licensee of the “Be Prepared” line, a Boy Scouts of American branded line of camping and activity products.


From the sounds of it the Geomate has found itself the perfect home! It will be interesting to see if anything changes or if it largely stays the same.

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  1. Julie Block

    I have 3 geomate jr’s and an update cable. I used these devices year round until recently when i could no longer update. We have found most of the currently loaded caches near us. My cub scout pack has also placed some since January 2012 and we can’t even get those loaded. I understand there are new ways to update but I have followed the directions several times and it still doesn’t work. I/we love this device and I have spent more than I should have because it gets the kids & I outside. I am very frustrated because I can’t get them updated though I see from different blogs that others have. Do I really need to purchase the premium membership from geocaching.com/Groundspeak? I just do not have $30 right now to do this nor do I have a debit card. I would be very upset to borrow this to discover that it didn’t solve my problem.


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