Multi-Millionaire Plans Cache Of Titanic Proportions

The owner of the International Space Station cache tells It’s Not About His Numbers about his next hide …

Wealthy American geocacher Richard Garriott de Cayeux is ready to go back to the Titanic – this time to plant his latest hide.

The Texas multi-millionaire (GC handle: Lord British) expects to place his next geocache 3750 metres (12,500 feet) under the North Atlantic Ocean when he “heads down” to the ill-fated luxury liner for his second visit this northern summer. “I am part-owner of the company that charters deep submarines to reach deep targets, and so think this [cache] could be a nice one.”

That company, Deep Ocean Expeditions, is hosting dives to the world’s best-known shipwreck in two Russian Mir submersibles this July and August to commemorate the 100th anniversary of its sinking. Up to 80 passengers will each pay US$59,680 to join one of its 12-day voyages.

This will be the space tourist and video-game developer‘s sixth cache, adding to a series that spans locations from the International Space Station (GC1BE91) to deep-sea hydrothermal vents (GCG822), Bhutan (GC2C7YT) and even a puzzle cache in his own backyard.

While he’s fond of them all, one clearly stands out. “The Necropolis at Britannia Manor (GC2B024) is my favourite and the one we perpetually care for and continue to craft. But each of the others I have placed – from the deep sea to space and other remote places on Earth – I enjoy too. I am proud to say that even the ISS cache has been revisited by other cachers, so we can maintain even remote caches.”

Despite having only ever officially logged one find, Garriott has been geocaching since the sport’s “first year” – when a friend and co-worker (GC handle: Gleeklet) told him about the original Britannia Manor geocache (GC270B Britannia Manor – Skeleton Head Guardian) overlooking his Austin home. “I did not know if I should be alarmed or honoured, but I had to go see it. It was a simple but cool cache with a skeleton head and an ammo box for the logbook and sundries. I was instantly hooked.”

However, he’s discerning about how he plays. “While I enjoy placing and finding remote caches, story-puzzle caches are by far my favourites,” says Garriott, who changed his name to  Garriott de Cayeux when he got married in 2011. “For me, the ultimate cache would require a true Indiana Jones-style adventure with research, obstacles and such.”

Sounds a lot like one of the video games that made Garriott’s fortune, and he admits the idea of combining the two interests has crossed his mind. “I think geocaching is a great game as is but yes, I have often thought about how to blend real-world geocaching with the virtual worlds I create. I think it would be a powerful combination indeed!”


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  1. Pete

    I can’t rationalise this feeling at all, because collectively we place caches in cemeteries, near memorials and other historic sites, but my first reaction at the thought of a container being put with/on/in/near the Titanic was that is littering.

    Odd eh?

  2. Philip Williams on Facebook

    what is the point as first no one has been on the ship since that night second part on the hobby is to find and fill in the log ( wast of time )

  3. ThaTwinz Geocaching on Facebook

    i think its cool and silly at the same time, like thats so cool that there is a geocache on the ISS but its silly bc the point of a geocache is to b found :/

    1. kjwx

      I guess it depends on how you play the game but for me, I love the challenge of pushing myself to conquer geocaches that were once beyond by physical or mental abilities. And if I ever win Lotto, Garriott’s ISS and underwater hides will be very high on my priority list.
      But I don’t think he intends to place his Titanic cache on the actual shipwreck but rather nearby on the seafloor like his Rainbow Hydrothermal Vents example.

  4. Shauna

    I love the idea, the creativity and publicity for geocaching are wonderful. Plus imagine logging that find – going on my “If I’m ever a millionaire bucket list” Also I find it very exciting as in my second novel, the second geocache the characters travel to is a shipwreck – nice that others are fascinated by them too!

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